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The Virtual Reality Movies in the Cinema

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

Virtual Reality Movies development

IMAX has announced that it will be partnering with Starbreeze, a Swedish VR development company, and Google to start by launching at least 6 VR theatres across the globe. This will give a big boost to Virtual Reality in the cinema and also result in the demand for good quality content.

Facts you need to know about VR movies in the cinema

More Immersive Experience

CAVE Fully Immersive Virtual Reality is the name for a virtual reality movie environment which allows the person to get fully immersed within it. CAVE is the acronym for CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment and is in the form of a cube-like space in which the images are displayed by a series of different projectors. A typical setup in CAVE includes rear projection walls, down projection floor, speakers placed at different angles, tracking sensors placed in the walls, music and sound, and video. There may be some tinkering to the system here and there but broadly this represents a standard CAVE setup. The user wears a pair of VR glasses or the head mounted display (HMD) which processes and displays a three-dimensional image via stereoscopy. In this process a person is shown two images, one for each eye, which the brain process into a single VR image.

Interactive Video with 360 Degrees

True 3D is a proprietary software platform for the new generation displays that enable the health care professionals to get the 3D reconstructions of the medical images optimized and evaluate them as 3D objects that one can interact with in the open 3D space. On evaluating the medical image data sets like the ones that are acquired by the CT, MR, ultrasonography, or other such 3D modalities, in a fully interactive and real time and virtual reality views of the tissues and different organs allows the medical professional to redefine the medical visualization and expand the diagnostic, surgical planning, and also the image guided treatment possibilities to a whole new level of clinical excellence. True 3D allows for a real time and interactive virtual reality system by a fast and super-sampling rendering; the on-the-fly image processing algorithms such as segmentation, registration, etc.; a lower latency user interaction; and the real world abstraction of the user interface. True 3D does not need the data to be prepared before being loaded to the system.


Watching virtual reality movies changes to a whole new dimension in the world of VR cinema. It presents to you the opportunity to watch the movies like you have perhaps never seen or experienced before. You need not be bothered by the neighbors crisping the bags of chips, mobile phones ringing, or other noisy co-viewers. Moreover, the traditional red cinema chairs can be done away with and also you do not need the big white screen. Due to the immersive nature of the virtual reality movies, the typical red cinema chairs are now the custom made chairs that can turn in all directions. This allows you to look around freely in all directions and see the scene in all the 360 degrees. No more craning of the neck, now. Also, increasingly the virtual reality movies are not only about the 360-degree images but also about the sound that moves in the same direction as your head. This is possible with personal VR headphones which each viewer receives. These VR headphones are very light-weighted, comfortable, adjustable, and of course offer some excellent sound quality. With more movies coming out in the VR format and also some traditional movies being made available in this format, movies on VR are here to stay and promise to get only a more enjoyable and pleasurable experience for you.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.