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VR Content Company

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

The world of Virtual Reality has been more entertaining throughout the development of technology. The VR content is the latest and most entertaining concept in line with virtual reality. The wide scale innovative technology is set to make the big difference in creating videos and documentations. A high quality and interactive approach on VR content are given by the birth of the VR content company known as The company was founded by the award-winning director Chris Milk and the famous technologist Aaron Koblin. The goal of the two is discovered more the immersive potential of storytelling. A new line of creative ways is made in order to expand the possibilities of the storytelling concept using VR content.

What Does Do?

The best thing about is that they does a great deal of creative ways such as making VR content for interesting stories in order to make them more captivating and creative. The company makes the large effort in making a story come to life by creating a VR content that will an attraction to people. The company uses the support of major headsets such as Oculus, Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Sony PlayStation VR and Google Cardboard in order to arrive at the amazing result of a successful VR experience.


Influences on the VR Development has made a great impact in VR Development. The wide-scale approaches it has made proved to be essential in the creation of future VR content. Many VR content creators are influenced to create a fresh and authentic content due to the wide influences made by The creators made it point to make an excellent and creative approach to the stories and documentations given to them.


Aside from the sister company, Here Be Dragons, also works with other companies such as Apple, The New York Times, NBC, Vice Media and the United Nations.

Art Work of

The VR content made by is proven with excellence at all times. The stories made through virtual reality provide the best informative and innovative approach that makes the viewer’s satisfied. The artworks not only entertain people but capture the satisfaction in them.

The following are five of the artworks or projects has made:

  • Mr. Robot Mr. Robot is a 13 minutes narrative that takes the viewers to a flashback experience with the lead character of Elliot Anderson. The story follows his adventure with the dealer turned love interest Shyla. It resembles the characters exploits as well as the possible considerations that go along with it.
  • Catatonic The viewer or patient is ushered into a wheelchair by live nurses in 1940’s uniform. A series of headset and headphones are placed to the viewer so that the virtual reality part will sink in. A series of terrible visions and effects await the member who will experience the VR content.
  • Invasion The VR film is about an evil two aliens who wants to take over the world and will destroy anyone who hinders their plans. When they come into the world, they are met with two the cutest and cuddliest white bunnies. The VR film is made by the Madagascar director.
  • The Clouds Over Sidra The short film is about twelve-year-old who is living in a refugee camp in Jordan. The film shows the living condition of the life of a refugee in Jordan as well as the hard life of a refugee. The film was made by the UN in connection with the advocacy program it has.
  • The Click Effect The short film is about an underwater adventure that takes the viewer to the beauty of the ocean. A person will have the connection with not only the ocean but also the dolphin and whales. A free-spirited approach to the right ocean adventure is displayed in the short film.

About Chris Milk

Chris Milk a famous director who has gained more acclaim with the VR short film, Clouds Over Syria. He is the founder and CEO of He also is the co-founder and the creative director of the sister company of, which is the Here Be Dragons. He constantly develops ways in making innovations in the VR content industry. The ideas he has about the concept of the VR development makes it a great point in creating an innovative way to making the best efforts in making VR a great experience for all the viewers.


He views the creation of the short films not far from reality. Each short film is made with the emphasis on life and the daily activities of a person. The creation of the films is based on the realistic concepts that make this more entertaining. Each viewer is faced with an interactive and realistic way of having the short films. The films are set to capture the wants of the viewers. The lines of results are appreciated by the audience that Chris Milk views. He wants to focus on a deep creation of each of the future VR films he will be creating. This pertains to the use of more cinematic ways and an in-depth view of language. The right kind of the cornerstone of the VR content is to make things possible at all times. Chris thinks that the use of the right kind of medium for the VR process is set to make an excellent kind of outcome.

The creation of the VR contents takes the best ways and the creative means as possible. Chris makes the most amazing ways in setting the right kind of approach as possible. The result of this is a terrific output that will go far beyond VR creator’s expectations.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.