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Top VR peripherals and Gadgets Review

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Nov 26, 2021• Proven solutions

1. VR controllers

Many companies have released different types of VR controllers which are being used by the gamers as well. Let’s have a look on some of them.

  • Mogo Pro Controller
  • It is a very famous VR controller gamepad which is compatible with iOS, android and also windows phone. It is very comfortable for the long play sessions. A very long battery life and also rubberized grips make it even more special. It has a retail average price $49.99. It is available online and in high street retail.

  • Gamesir G3S
  • This controller is not well known in this industry. But it is a very respectable Bluetooth controller gamepad for many VR products and games. It also has a very good battery life. It has an average retail price of $47.99 and it is easily available online.

  • SteelSeries stratus XL
  • This product is recommended by Oculus VR for a good reason. Its build quality is far above its competitors, and the position of grips and sticks is better than others. It is compatible with android, windows PC and also iOS. The average retail price is $99.99 and is available online.

2. VR Bikes

Virtual reality can help you to enjoy the best biking experience of your life. Here are some of the products you might want to experience once.

  • VirZoom
  • The VirZoom has a unique apartment-friendly magnitude, but it still priced at $399.95 only, on balance with some other home fitness apparatuses. Along with a headset and also a computer capable of using it, however, that ticket could be as costly as $1500. That is a very big asset for the customers whose Wii Fit is more likely gathering dirt at the house of their parents. Fortunately, Honey man says a gymnasium form of VirZoom will also be ready in the year 2017.

  • Widerun virtual biking
  • Visualize yourself biking in the city of San Francisco in the bay, on the Olympic racing track as well, and on the snowy trail on the Alps, and in any city as well around the world! You will surely be reluctant to get off the bike is you can bike in these cool sites virtually! This is the virtual reality and the augmented reality in its best form! Good work was done by Widerun! It is as costly as about $370 and it started shipping in April 2016.

3. VR Treadmills

Virtual reality treadmills and gloves are changing the life of people to another level. You can now do exercise in virtual reality running on beautiful sites all over the world. Let’s have a look on some of the products.

  • Cyberith Virtualizer
  • A lighter and extra gorgeous option. The stage here is less immense, and phases are pursued by gesture sensors. Squatting actions can be achieved more ordinary due to the option to lean on one knee, deprived of endangering to hurt it. The construction itself is more moveable, which makes it more beautiful, particularly in view of its proportions. Although its official price is unknown yet because mass production of this product has not been started yet.

4. VR Gloves

  • Manus VR gloves
  • You can play using these as you would play with a controller but you are not holding the controller which improves to the engagement. There is a real hand existence, you truly feel like it is your hand instead of you governing a digital hand if there is any sense in it. A pair of washable gloves cost as much as $250 and its battery timing is about 8 hours.

5. Lens Cleaner

For a smooth and perfect journey of gaming and other experiences in the virtual reality concepts, one of the main points is how clean is your lens. It is a fortune that lens cleaning problem is dealt with solutions. Here are some of the products.

  • The company provides a 3 in 1 package for lens cleaning products. There is a lens cleaning pen brush, a dust air blower ball and glasses cloth also. It comes in a packaging. It costs only for $5.99 and you can order it online. You can use it to clean any kind of lenses.

  • Carson CS-15 C6 Lens cleaner
  • It is used for cleaning even micro sized lenses. It dry nanoparticles formula cleans away smudges and fingerprints with very ease. It is very easy to use. The price is very good and gettable $5.99 and you can order it online.

  • Pixel Ruboo Silicon blower lens
  • It has a very ergonomic design and it is very easy to hold and use. A product made up of high-quality silicon. It gives an on and off switch which is used to prevent dust from going inside. Priced at only $9.99 and you can order it online.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.