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Tips for Choosing Cheap Vlog Cameras

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Dec 08, 2021• Proven solutions

The first step to becoming a great vlogger is to have a good vlogging camera. In case you have started posting videos on YouTube, the first thing on your list should be researching the top vlogging cameras. Once you start to look for it, you will realize that there are so many options out there. You might have to spend hours comparing and researching different cameras. 

However, if you have a certain budget in mind, you need to make sure that the vlogging camera that you are choosing is within your budget. There are various factors that affect the price of a vlogging camera. 

Let’s take a quick look at these factors that will help you to find cheap vlogging cameras. 

  •   Image Quality

The primary aspect of a vlogging camera is its image quality and one of the main indicators of the image quality is the video resolution. There are three main types of video resolutions used. These are 4K or Full HD, 1080p or Full HD, and 720p or HD Ready. 

Usually, the cameras with a 4K resolution are priced the highest. Since you are going to be posting videos on YouTube, it is better to look for a camera that will record at least 1080p videos. 

  •   Optical Image Stabilization

When you are recording a vlog, you are either walking or doing some activities. Sure, video editing software will help in stabilizing the footage but it is always better to have a vlogging camera that will have built-in optical image stabilization. This is the feature that prevents shaky images and can improve the vlog’s video quality. ‘

  •   Auto Focus

As a vlogger, you will have to switch between filming the surrounding and yourself. Hence, when you point at different subjects, it has to immediately be put into focus. If you have to wait for the camera to focus or finding out later that the video is out of focus can be quite frustrating. So, a good camera will have accurate and fast autofocus. 

  •   Audio 

Audio can affect the camera price. Cameras that have a built-in microphone tend to be priced higher than the regular ones without a microphone. 

  •   Wi-Fi

Some cameras can connect to Wi-Fi. This is mainly for transferring the video clips from the camera directly to the computer where you are going to edit them. It is a helpful feature but if you want your camera to have this, you will have to pay a little extra. 

Now, let’s check out a few cameras in three different price ranges and you can choose cheap vlogging cameras as per your budget. 

Cheaper Cameras ($50-$100)

a.    Sony DSCW830

This model might not look stylish but it is an excellent choice. With this, you will be able to record 720p HD videos. What’s best is even at this cheap price, Sony offers Active Mode image stabilization. The camera is small in size and is easy to carry around. 


Sony DSCW830 comes with face detection technology that helps the camera to track the face with autofocus while you are recording a video. However, the LCD screen appears to be a little washed out. In case it is too bright outside, it is a little difficult to see. 

But it is a good choice for a camera which is close to a hundred bucks. 

b.    Nikon Coolpix L32

Except for the lack of optical image stabilization, this camera would have been able to kick out every other video recorder. This is an affordable camera that has good video recording performance. Its battery life is above all the average compact cameras in this range. So, it is going to last for320 shots. Also, the screen is much larger than the other small camera. 


However, it might not be the best option for recording at night as its maximum ISO is 1600. But you should not get a cheap vlogging camera if you have to record videos during the night. 

Intermediately Priced Cameras ($100-$200)

a.    Fujifilm FinePix S8600

If you are vlogging indoors, this can be a good option for you. Its 720p quality is close to a DSLR. This is a shoot and point camera. In case you are a non-technical person and want to record a video simply for the purpose of a product review and do not require a specific feature, you can go for this. 

The camera doesn’t come with a wireless sharing or flip-screen feature. Nevertheless, its long-lasting battery life is surely going to make you happy. 

b.    Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS

This is another mid-range camera that you can consider. The camera is easy to handle. There are many vloggers who prefer using Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS. The first model of this camera was launched in 2011. Since then the camera, as well as vlogging has evolved a lot. 


The camera is the ideal choice for beginners. With this, you can easily record outdoor vlogs. Nevertheless, the battery life of the camera is average. Also, its performance is not that great in dim lights. 

High Priced Cameras (Over $200)

a.    GoPro Hero 6 Black

In case you are ready to spend a little more, Hero 6 Black is a great bang for your buck. It can record 4K Ultra HD video. GoPro Hero 6 Black is perfect for the casual users out there. The best thing about this camera is it is waterproof. It comes with advanced image stabilization. Also, it has an average performance in low-light. 


b.    Panasonic GH5

This is one of the best vlogging cameras that you will come across. As soon as it was released, many YouTubers started using it. The camera can record 4K video. In 2018, Panasonic came up with an updated camera GH5S. However, there is no image stabilization for preventing unwanted interactions with the gimbals. 


How to Buy Cheap Vlogging Cameras at a Discounted Price?

If you want to buy cheap vlogging cameras at a discounted rate, here are a few tips you can follow.

    Many online and offline stores offer seasonal discounts to their customers. You can wait for these offers to get your camera at a lesser price. 

    Some sites offer promotional discounts for a limited time and this is the perfect time to buy cheap vlogging cameras. This is usually towards the end of the product’s life cycle.

    There are some sites over the internet where you can get coupon codes that you can use while buying a camera to avail a discount.

    At times, online or offline stores offer loyalty member discounts. This is their way of showing that they value you.


By following our guide, you can find the cheap vlogging cameras that you are looking for. But when you are done buying your camera, make sure you download FilmoraX on your Mac device. With this, you can high-quality and unique videos. The video editing tool, you can have the perfect looking vlog for your YouTube channel.

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