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How To Cut Out Camera Shake

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Camera shake is one of the most annoying problems facing YouTubers. If your hands shake a bit while you are holding your camera it might look like a small earthquake in your footage. If you walk around with your camera at all every step you take creates noticeable movement in your video. If there is any shakiness in a video then your YouTube viewers will be distracted by it and it will be hard for them to focus on what is actually happening in your video. They may even decide to click away.

How to Reduce Camera Shake

There is a lot of different equipment for keeping your camera stable. Here are a few of your best options:

Part 1. Photography & Cinema Pistol Grip Handle

camera shake

The Photography & Cinema Pistol Grip Handle is a comfortable handheld stabilizer you mount your camera on top of. Since it attaches right to the bottom of your camera it is extremely portable. You can even mount the pistol grip itself to a tripod or monopod and use it to move your camera while you record. This will get you smoother camera pans.

The Photography & Cinema Pistol Grip costs $16 online.

Part 2. Mini Camera Skate Dolly

camera shake

Moving shots add excitement to your video, but walking with your camera is a sure way to get shaky footage. After you mount your camera onto a Mini Camera Skate Dolly you can roll it over a desk or table to get a smooth dolly shot. If you get a little creative with were you use a skate dolly – putting it on the floor while aiming the camera up, for example – you can get some really different footage.

The Mini Camera Skate Dolly costs $28 online.

Part 2. Cazbe Selfie Stick

camera shake

By placing one end of your selfie stick on the ground you can use it a lot like you use a monopod. This is a great way to record stable videos using your smartphone. Selfie sticks are also great for getting cool high angle shots.

The Cazbe Selfie Stick costs about $40.

Part 3. OIS – Optical Image Stabilization

This is not something you can buy on its own; it is a type of hardware built in to a lot of the newest smartphones. Cellphone videos are notoriously shaky and manufacturers have started addressing the issue with OIS. It is a good feature to look for when you are buying a new phone. A few of the phones that have it are: the iPhone 6S Plus, the Google Nexus 6P, and the Samsung Galaxy 6S Edge Plus.

Having OIS on your phone does not completely eliminate the need to stabilize your smartphone while you record, although it does help a lot.

Part 4. Tripod

There are a lot of different tripods. Some are large and some are small enough to set up on your desk. Some are stiff and others are bendable. There are tripods you can carry around while you shoot, and tripods that are heavy and super-stable. Which tripod is right for your vlog will depend on what kind of vlog you are making, but having a tripod is almost essential. If you do not have a tripod you will either always need a helper to hold your camera, or be stuck shooting near a desk or table you can set your camera down on.

Part 5. Naturally Occurring Tripods

With just a little bit of creativity you can turn any stable surface into a camera stabilizer. The obvious choices are tables, desks, and chairs. You can also set your camera up in a tree, on top of your car, or in a hanging basket. This is a great way to capture some interesting perspectives.

You do not necessarily need a surface big enough to leave your camera on. If you are shooting a vlog entry selfie-style then you can use anything you can rest your hand on. Fences and railings are both great options.

For more information on different types of stabilizers check out our post Types of Stabilizers and check out Tasha’s video.

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Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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