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How To Promote Your YouTube Channel

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Mar 24, 2021• Proven solutions

If you want your YouTube channel to grow then you need to promote it. Having searchable video titles and descriptions, creating consistently branded channel art, and engaging socially with your viewers are all great ways to get more views and subscribers. Your growth will always be extremely limited, though, if you never actively promote your channel anywhere besides in your own videos.

Promoting your videos will mean becoming an active member of the communities surrounding the topic of your vlog. Your channel will never thrive if you seem to exist in a vacuum. A lot of people need to be able to see that you are knowledgeable or entertaining before they ever bother watching your videos.

How To Promote Your YouTube Channel

This article will explain how you can promote your YouTube channel on different social media sites, forums, offline, and on YouTube itself.

1. On YouTube

Although it helps a lot to promote your videos off-YouTube, it is essential to promote them on the site. The most basic way to do this is to encourage your viewers to share your videos and allow them to be embedded on other sites. There are other ways you can promote your channel on YouTube which require you to get a bit more involved with the community.

Commenting on other people’s videos is a great way to start establishing your presence on YouTube. You will need to watch the videos of related vloggers anyways so you can keep yours different and original. Commenting on these videos is never a bad idea. Offer an insight into the topic of the video to demonstrate your own knowledge. Their viewers will see your comment and may decide to check out your channel. It is rarely a good idea to simply say ‘cool vid, check out mine’ and include a link as it does not give viewers a reason to be interested in your content. The creator of the video may also find this annoying, which is unfortunate because you may want to work with that person someday.

Collaborating with another YouTuber will help both of you to get more subscribers. You can collaborate by creating a video together and splitting it into two parts, one for each of you. Or, you can do guest appearances in each other’s vlogs. Even just making shout outs to each other in your videos can help. When you collaborate with another vlogger you are being introduced to their subscribers, who may decide to become your subscribers. Collaborating should benefit both of you equally so if you are looking for a partner to collaborate with try to find someone with a similar subscriber count to your own.

Recording a Google Hangout is a great way to create a collab video.

2. Social Media

Although you can also share your videos using your personal social media accounts in most cases you will want to create separate accounts for your channel. There are a lot of different social networking sites and you do not need to promote your channel on all of them. In fact, you probably do not have time to maintain an active presence on all of them. Figure out where your potential subscribers are most likely to spend their time and focus on one or two places instead of spreading yourself thin over all of them.

Facebook is where you can start a fan page and invite your friends to like it. This is a quick way to let everyone who already knows you know you have started a vlog. In order for your Facebook fan page to be a success you will need to post at least a couple times a day and interact with people who comment on your posts. Your posts should not all be re-posts of your videos, and you should be careful not to flood people’s feeds.

Twitter is somewhere where people expect quick interaction. You cannot only post links to your videos on Twitter or they will probably go ignored. Figure out which hashtags are the most relevant to your vlog and, besides posting your videos with them, try to chat with the other people using them.

Instagram is a must for beauty or food vloggers. It is a great place to post photos of your favorite looks or finished dishes. Instagram can be useful to other kinds of vloggers too as a place to share behind the scenes photos.

Tumblr is where you can post more in-depth blog posts on your video topics. You might have a lot more to say about something than you could fit in your video, and a blog post is a great way to do that.

Avoid posting duplicate content on all of your social media accounts. There should be an incentive for somebody to subscribe to all of them instead of just one.

3. Forums

There are probably some active forums related to your vlog topic, and there are definitely active forums about YouTube in general. Figure out where your potential subscribers are spending their time and start building a presence there. Simply trying to link people to your channel or videos will be seen as spam, especially when you are new, and that is not something you want to build a reputation for. You can mention your YouTube channel, just make sure it is not all that you talk about. Answering questions and participating in forum discussions will help you build a positive reputation and people who appreciate you in the forum are likely to start checking out your channel. Make sure there is a link in your signature.

4. Offline

Vlogging conventions and Meet Ups are a great way to network with other vloggers. You can learn a lot from people who have been on YouTube longer than you. These types of events are also great ways to meet people you might want to collaborate with.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.