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How to Make an Appealing Travel Vlog On Mac

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Nov 23, 2021• Proven solutions

Travel vlog or travel video blog is one of the most popular video content found over the internet. Vloggers pack their bags, take their camera, and document the adventures they are having on the trip. 

Travel vlogs are usually personal and are focused on reality. This is the reason they do not have to be perfectly filmed or edited. 

travel vlogging

The key to becoming the top travel vlogger is to build trust with your audience. Vlogs are often the preferred method of making a travel video. This is because it gives the vlogger the opportunity to show their personality and be natural. There are many travel vlogs that will tell you where to stay, where to eat, and small tips that can be helpful for the trip. 

1.    Fun for Louis

Louis Cole started gathering viewers with his enticing ability to eat odd delicacies, no matter if it was alive or dead. However, today, the travel vlogger from the UK has taken to travel vlogging. He is the travel vlog hero of YouTube. Not only are his videos addictive, but also give you a 360-degree view. 

2.    Max & Lee

These are the Australian/Canadian couple who travel with Occy, their Australian Shepherd dog. They have 1.5 million audiences. The couple seems to have fun recording their adventures and showcasing them to the world. In case you are a fan of Van life, this is just the right vlog for you. While you watch the videos, you can pick some amazing tips that will help you to get on with your own adventure. 

3.    Hey Nadine

She is the top female vlogger on YouTube. Nadine Sykora seems to be aware of what exactly the YouTube audience is looking for. She has incorporated creative bits of fun, fashion, and food into your travel channel. Once you start watching her channel, you are going to be addicted to checking what new video she is putting up. 

How to Make a Travel Vlog for Beginners on Mac?

Travel videos come in many forms. No matter the type of vlog you choose, make sure that you are following the basic rules to create the most attractive travel vlog. 

In case you are new to it, here are a few tips that will help you to get started with travel vlogging. 

1.    Get Yourself a Good Camera

In order to become a travel vlogger the first thing that you need is a camera. No, you do not need a big fancy camera or an external microphone, or a light set. You just need something that will help you to record the videos. Even a smartphone can work great if it has a good camera. As long as you have a device that can capture the videos effectively, you can be a travel vlogger. 

get good camera for vlog

2.    Record the Highlights of Your Travel

Cover as much as you want in the video. This makes it easier for you to remember the interesting things that happened and the people that you met. However, remember, no one will prefer sitting through a one-whole hour tour of the art museum. So, you need to include only the highlights of the trip. In case you came across something visually appealing, like fireworks or some event, include it. Viewers are always going to be intrigued by the cool things that you came across. Nevertheless, too much of anything is not good. Most of the time, people have a short attention span. Hence, you should keep the clips shorter. 

3.    Focus the Clip-On Specific Activity

Most of the travel vloggers make two kinds of travel videos, every day and highlights. The highlight videos focus on the most important parts of the trip and blend them to form a 2-3 minute long video having a piece of good background music. This kind of video makes the trip appear like you had the best time ever and makes people really jealous of you. 

However, an everyday video is going to cover a couple of days, and will have intimate clips of the activities that you took part in. Several vloggers tend to keep the camera on them while making this kind of video. This is to make the viewer feel that they are experiencing the trip just like them. 

In case you are planning to make everyday videos, you should focus on specific outings and activities. Even though you want your viewer to feel as if they are walking beside you, you want them to be interested in what you are doing. Hence, avoid including the clips of you walking down the streets aimlessly. 

4.    Capture Your Perspective

When you are vlogging, make sure you are capturing your perspective. Whether you are traveling across the world or to a neighboring town, your perspective and your experiences are going to make your vlog special. 

5.    Edit the Video

To make sure that you are not including anything unnecessary, you need a good video editor tool. Your audience should never feel bored or disinterested and you can only ensure this with good editing. 

video cutter

In case you are using a Mac, one of the best tools that you can use is FilmoraX. It is simple to use and is powerful video editing software. The software comes with some awesome features like motion tracking and audio ducking. These features can be useful when you are editing a travel video. You can take advantage of its built-in sound and music effect. However, one of the most striking features of the software is its anti-shake function. While you are recording the video, it can become unstable. This can make the video look poor. With FilmoraX, it is possible to fix this. 


As a travel vlogger, you need to make sure that you are exporting your video with a proper setting so that your hard work isn’t ruined. The best way to ensure this is to export the highest quality video. By using FilmoraX, you can create unique and high-quality videos. 

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