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Top 10 Wattpad Alternatives
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Top 10 Wattpad Alternatives-Pick Them!

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Jan 14, 2022• Proven solutions

Wattpad, an application that was launched in 2006 is now one of the most used platforms by storytellers and readers all over the world. As of 2021 Wattpad has about 90 million users spread across different countries and the stories in it have become Netflix hits and best sellers of New York Times.

Wattpad is one of the most popular eBook platforms that can be accessed from any mobile device and allows writers and readers to publish their writings and discover new interesting books.

Despite being an interesting application, Wattpad might not be appealing to everyone. Some people would prefer Wattpad alternatives maybe because of the features or because they prefer a different interface or any other reasons.

So for those people out there, let’s have a look at some of the interesting alternatives to Wattpad.

Best 10 Wattpad Alternatives for You

1. Sweek


Sweek is one of the best alternatives to Wattpad that allows its users to read, write and share different stories. It gives access to thousands of free books, interesting stories, and even a large number of poetry to its users.

 Sweek allows its users to publish a book on its platform and earn up to 60 percent of the sale price offered. This app also has an explore feature that acts as a den of the writers' community, where you can get new ideas for your book through interesting interactions.

This tool also provides widgets and buttons that can be used to share your stories on different social media platforms.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

2. Inkitt


Inkitt is one of the Wattpad alternatives that is loved as much as Wattpad by users all over the world, despite being launched in 2013. Its access to a huge database of stories is what made this app popular in a short time.

Along with thousands of short stories and novels, Inkitt also has many popular fanfictions titled Naruto, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and much more. Apart from accessing multiple stories, you can also share your thoughts and quality conversations through a feature called Trending Topics.

This app also has different groups where like-minded story lovers can have interesting chats, find people to review their stories before being published, etc.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, and any web browser

3. Medium


Medium, a worthy alternative to Wattpad is an application that is often called the YouTube of Writers and Readers. Unlike the other apps like Wattpad we have mentioned above, Medium is not free and comes with a $5 per month charge.

It is a platform that can help talented writers get paid for their creative stories. This app is not limited to just novels and stories, people can even share nonfiction articles or opinion pieces. Whatever is interesting, it can be shared in the form of articles on Medium.

 Users receive daily notifications of stories that might interest them and its smart feature always remember your preference while making recommendations.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

4. Penana


Penana is another Wattpad alternative that can give you a pile of free ebooks to spend your free time productively. This application offers a diverse collection of poetry, screenplay, and novels to its users.

Penana offers its writers three distinct modes of writing which can be used differently to share ideas and also engage the audience while writing a piece. It also has different editing tools that can help you while writing a story and make writing a bit easier.

This app also allows the users to have a quick look at the intro and decide whether to dive in or turn the page.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

5. Commaful


Commaful is a Wattpad alternative very different from Wattpad and the other apps we have discussed so far. It is a platform that allows you to read stories and novels in multimedia format. It makes the reading experience more entertaining with the use of images and contextual gifs.

It also allows you to upload pictures of real people or stock images while telling your story. This app has a wide variety of stories including fanfiction, comics, short stories, and poetry.

This platform has been used by renowned screenwriters and professional authors to experiment with different story ideas and share them among the readers.

Compatibility: iOS and web browser

6. YourQuote


YourQuote is another Wattpad alternative that you can use to express yourself, become famous among bookworms, and become friends with similar people who love stories. This platform has a tone of posts and stories sorted into a variety of genres.

On YourQuote similar to Pinterest you can follow your favorite writers to receive regular updates about their work. It is India’s largest content platform with about 120 thousand posts uploaded per day.

An annoying part of this application is the ads showing up while using the platform which can be avoided only with a paid subscription.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

7. Movellas


Movellas is a reading application that has a comparatively low number of users and is a platform preferred by people who wish to share their ideas and stories on a lesser populated platform.

Movellas is liked by people because of its intuitive, straightforward interface. It is very adaptable across different mobile devices and thousands of stories from a wide variety of genres including realism, plays, screenplays, fanfiction, poetry, and fantasy.

The discover feature of this app helps to find new stories and writers easily. It also does a great job of creating a community of writers on a single platform.

Compatibility: Browser, Coming soon in Android and iOS

8. Miraquill


Miraquill is a Wattpad alternative app that was launched in 2016 and renamed thereafter. Miraquill allows its users to share anything including passing thoughts, blogs, quotes, haikus, poems, and stories with the writing community whenever they wish.

Unlike Wattpad, Miraquill does have the features like The Wattys or the Wattpad Studios but still does a good job in making its users a part of the writing community. This platform also allows the users to discover 1000 talented writers across the world and go through their amazing works.

This platform offers its users a space to comment about their ideas and on the works of other people, which can help them boost their creativity.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, and any web browser

9. AO3 (Archive of Our Own)


AO3 s an app in its beta version that provides access to a wide variety of books and literature. It also provides its users with cartoons, comics, and graphic novels.

An AO3 account allows the users to share the fan works, get regular notifications when their favorite works or series are updated, participate in interesting challenges and keep track of the works they like, and check out later.

It’s a multipurpose platform that can be enjoyed not just by readers and writers but any content creators around the world.

Compatibility: Web browser

10. Shorti


Shorti is a Wattpad alternative developed exclusively for mobile users. It is a platform where short stories are encouraged rather than long stories and novels. This app allows you to display your works to other users under a pen name and help to keep your real identity anonymous.

This app also allows the upload of videos and photos to make your story more interesting. It also allows you to create your own cover and then upload it to the platform.

To write a story a user must create a title name and description of fewer than 200 words after which he/she is good to go and immerse themselves.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Which Wattpad Alternative You Would Choose?

All the Wattpad alternative applications we have listed above have their own features and pros that make them stand out among the crowd. Different people have different likes and some might find a given application better than the other, in terms of features, interface, content, etc.

If you are someone who prefers free applications and a bulk of books and stories you can go for Sweek or Inkitt. If you prefer a small audience for displaying your stories you can go for Movellas and if you are someone who wishes to have a social media-like experience and loves to interact with writers you can choose between Penana and Movellas. The Shorti platform allows users to display their works by remaining anonymous to the audience.

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Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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