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You Will Be Sorry If You Miss The Best 10 Wattpad Stories

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Jan 14, 2022• Proven solutions

Wattpad has been around for years and is the only story-sharing platform, especially fictional stories, that has managed to stay updated with the unique demands of modern users. Whether you are looking for sci-fi, fanfiction, fantasy, short stories, and something else, this platform has all the things. With Wattpad, you will be able to explore millions of stories in eBook format. Every Wattpad story is unique and can take you to a new world where you can feel the character.

Well, as the platform has millions of stories, it can be a little difficult for you to choose the best Wattpad story. So, to help you out in this, we have come up with a list of the top 10 most popular and best Wattpad stories for you. Have a look.

Best 10 Wattpad Stories You Can Read

Are you looking for the best Wattpad story? Here are some of the absolute and most popular Wattpad stories for you. All these stories or eBooks have a unique and amazing plot twist and storytelling that will never fail to captive the readers. Let’s discuss those stories in detail.

1. The Bad Boy’s Girl

Written by Blair Holden, this Wattpad story talks about how a person can completely change someone. It proves that some people can become so important in someone’s life that they would follow him no matter what is the condition. When you go through this story, you will explore a romantic and notorious vibe where a boy named Jay Stone helped a girl named Tessa O’Connell explore her real self. The story can make the readers swoon as it has some emotional factors.


2. My Wattpad Love

Crafted by Ariana Godoy, this incredible love story includes Wattpad itself. This Wattpad story talks about two young teens meeting on Wattpad for writing and reading, their distance, hardships, and obstacle. In fact, this is a real story of the writer. When you go through this book, it will make you keep scrolling to explore what happens next. Even though there are 33 chapters, all the chapters are very interesting.


3. He’s Into Her Season

This popular Wattpad story is crafted by Maxinejiji and talks about how a boy who used to bully others just to make himself happy changed himself to make the woman of his dreams to fall in love with him. This is journey talks about how that woman proved to the boy that not all the people you want can be loved by you.


4. Best Friends with Benefits

Published by a user named Prodigywriter 9638, this is the best Wattpad Story that talks about Selena Rider, a girl who always makes self-destructive decisions, and Conner Rogers, an athletic and rich boy. They two remained best friends for years, but after a certain period, they became best friends with benefits. By going through this unique story, you will explore the unexpected challenges they faced in the journey. Besides, you will explore how they handle the test of friendship and devotion. You should give it a try.


5. My Husband is Mafia Boss

This Wattpad story is written by YanaJin. You will find this really awesome. The story has unique characters who fight for a particular reason. You will explore how murders are normal people like others, and they still have kindness deep inside their hearts. It combines love, humor, sacrifice, action, and family drama. Read it, and you will feel like riding a rollercoaster of love and emotion.


6. Mr. Popular and I

This book from Indie A and Brigitte Hebert will take you on an adventurous love journey between River Parker and Lea Wilson. Explore how unexpected circumstances made them do unexpected things. Follow the story and witness the adventure of falling in love and getting heartbroken. This story will be a perfect option for those who are looking for a unique romantic story.


7. After

After by Anna Todd is revolved around Tessa Young to meets Hardin, a rude boy who shatters her plans. This Wattpad story is quite amazing and will make you angry, cry and laugh. The story will hit the readers in the right place. You can really relate to the two characters and their lives while reading it. You will witness the characters as they came to closure and fall apart, and you will feel the suffering and pains that they both feel in their journey. This book is definitely worth a read.

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8. In 27 Days

Written by Allision Gervais, this is a wonderful story of a fantasy adventure of a beautiful and pure-heart girl who is ready to do anything to save her love. In fact, she traveled back into the time to save a boy with whom she fell in love within just 27 days. This dark, as well as the romantic, emotional story, will make you cry and smile at the same time. You will definitely love this best Wattpad story if you love fantasy and sappy romantic stories. After going through a few chapters of this, you will understand why it is a Wattpad sensation. The various interesting plot twist and compelling characters make this story a perfect piece of work. Read it and explore who the life of the girl changed in the process.


9. The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me

The best part of this best Wattpad story is the female character, a smart and beautiful girl who falls in love with a bad boy name Reece Carter. Written by Slim Shady, this talks about the love story of a good girl and a bad boy. Their unique love journey fills with late-night drinks, parties, sneaking out, road trips, breaking the rules, and more. You will find it totally unforgettable. One couldn’t stop reading this story. A perfect combination of drama, love, and emotion.


10. Storm and Silence

Robert Their, the author of this book, has demonstrated the ability of a girl. The author talks about how a girl can do anything she wants if she is determined. She has the capability to find her freedom. Women are not here to sit at home and look pretty. They can challenge men and move ahead. Well, it also has a combination of love and emotion. This will take you on a journey of adventures in steamy and hot romance, some enemies, and playful fights. If you are a fan of romantic novels, this Wattpad story is your ideal pick.

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Find Your Favorite Wattpad Story!

First of all, congratulation to those talented story writers or authors who have crafted such amazing stories. Whether you are a fan of sci-fi stories or a romantic Wattpad story, you will definitely find something on this list. You can easily find the best Wattpad story based on your preference, and the platform’s ranking and voting system work as an accurate benchmark of quality. When you go through these stories, you will witness something unique, and maybe, they can inspire you to come up with your own story. However, for now, visit Wattpad and read these best stories. You will definitely love them.


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