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How to Delete Your Wattpad Account
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How to Delete Your Wattpad Account in Less Than 60 Seconds

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Jan 14, 2022• Proven solutions

The Wattpad is a storytelling application and it assists the users to read and write stories on this global platform. You can find communities to discuss the stories, novels, eBooks. The Wattpad helps the users to enhance their writing skills and provide an opportunity to interact with another writer worldwide. You can sharpen your skills and learn a lot in this field without any issues. If you want to get rid of this application, do you know how to delete a Wattpad account? In this article, you will get valuable insights on the techniques to deactivate the Wattpad account. You can delete or close the account at your comfort. It is a flexible program and assists in easy signup and quick deactivation procedure according to the user needs. You can scroll down for more details. It is high time to get some glimpses about the deletion and deactivation process in the Wattpad account.

How to delete a Wattpad account step by step

In this section, you will learn the stepwise procedure to delete a Wattpad account. Follow the steps for flawless completion of the deletion process in the Wattpad account.

1. Go to the official webpage of Wattpad and enter the credentials to log in to your account. Type in the username and password at its respective text fields and tap the ‘Login’ button to enter into your Wattpad account.


2. In your home screen, tap the user icon displayed at the top right side of the screen. From the expanded items tap ‘Settings -> Close Account’. Enter the necessary details and finally check in the box stating ‘Yes, I am sure Please close my account’. You must confirm the closing activity by enabling this check box without fail. Then, enter your password and hit the ‘Close account’ option to complete the Wattpad account deletion procedure.


3. Thus, the Wattpad account deletion process completes successfully by following the above instructions carefully. Surf the steps and tap the respective controls to ensure effective closing of the Wattpad account.

Can I delete my Wattpad account on the Wattpad app (Android and iOS)?

There are no options to delete a Wattpad account using the Wattpad app on your Android or iPhone. You need to log in using a web browser and carry out the regular steps to close the Wattpad account. In your gadget, use a web browser like Google Chrome or Safari to log in to the Wattpad account using the username and password. Then, with the help of the Settings option close the account quickly. You can perform various activities on the Wattpad app on your gadgets, but it is impossible to deactivate an account. Log in with the web browser helps you to get rid of your Wattpad account in no time.

Can I reopen/reactivate a Wattpad account after I delete it?

You can reactivate or reopen the Wattpad account, by making a login again using your credentials. In case, if anyone had created an account using your username soon after your account deletion process, then it is impossible to reopen your account again. It will be replaced with the newer sign in. Your content and data associated with your account will vanish and there is no other way to get back your account. If there are no new accounts with your deleted username, then you can sign in again to reactivate your Wattpad. It is difficult to recover your deleted Wattpad account if any other user had created a profile with your username.


Thus, this article had given glimpses on how to delete a Wattpad account using a web browser and applications. You might have understood the tips and tricks associated with the reactivation of your deleted Wattpad account. Connect with this article to handle your Wattpad account efficiently. Delete and activate them with easy steps and make the best out of the Wattpad account. Stay tuned to this article to obtain enlightening facts about the deletion procedure of the Wattpad account.

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Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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