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How to Edit YouTube Videos on iPhone

Being able to edit the videos you’ve uploaded to YouTube on your iPhone is without a doubt something very beneficial. There are a few applications that you can take advantage of, and we are going to walk you through them in order to shed more light on the matter.

How to Edit YouTube Videos on iPhone with the YouTube Application

YouTube iOS application - Creator Studio is a powerful mini video-editing tool. You can easily trim your video, add different effects and filters in order to prominently enhance the way that your video looks as well as to add music as a background and many more. Below are steps to learn how to edit YouTube videos on iPhone .

Step 1: In order to upload the video, you need to tap on your account button which is located on the right side of the home screen and click on the red circle which has a small up-arrow on it.

Step 2: Now, you can easily take advantage of the three convenient tools. You can trim the beginning as well as the ending of the video quickly, and you can select new start as well as end points.

Step 3: However, you wouldn’t be able to separate the clip in two different ones. Once you are through with that, you can easily add different filter effects through the filter option – there are six of them that you can take advantage of. Furthermore, you can easily add background music by tapping on the music icon which is located in the lower-right part of your screen.

Best YouTube Editing Apps

The YouTube video editing app might be a good idea to edit YouTube video, but it doesn’t provide you with all the necessary capabilities as it are rather limited. For that matter, we suggest taking a look at the following apps.

1. FilmoraGo

This is an easy and convenient app that is going to allow you to turn regular videos into artistic renditions that are going to look as if they were production-valued. All you need to do is choose the video and select the overall theme for it as well as the design and music. Furthermore, the app delivers some basic functions like transitions, trims, and filters. Another special feature is that you can automate the video by selecting the best parts and letting the application handle everything else.


  • Edit YouTube video with various video and audio effects
  • Easily cut/trim/rotate video
  • Upload video to YouTube directly

2. iMovie

This is a very comprehensive and benchmark release for iPhone. It is very similar to the desktop version, and it should definitely be featured on your device. You can use it to add voiceovers, music, titles as well as photos to your work. There are a lot of templates as well as themes for movie trailers that you can take advantage of if you want to make the video even better.


  • Edit video in a part
  • Upload video to Cloud
  • Use 3D touch to start a new projct


This is an app which was initially designed for Instagram users, but it quickly transitioned to being one of the best apps for video editing on iPhone. You can make a variety of tweaks to your videos such as fonts, titles, filters, styles and pace of the video and trims. It is easy and convenient for usage.


  • Turn shaky video to stable
  • Offer video transition
  • Save video in HD or 720p


This is another convenient option that you can take advantage of. You would be provided with the chance to add transitions, filters, and text. You can adjust the speed as well as trim the video as you see fit. There is a lot of flexibility delivered by the video which is quite convenient.


  • Add title to video with customized effects
  • Include pan and zoom effects
  • Sync video to music


As you can see, there are quite a lot of different ways to edit YouTube videos on iPhone and all you need to do is download a specific application or use the one which YouTube has built-in. There is no need for any previous specific knowledge or skills in video editing as they provide quite comprehensive features.

ByLiza Brown | Jul 21,2017 17:25 pm