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Buy YouTube Subscribers - Hundreds of Subscribers for $5?

Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

Wondering if it is a good idea to buy YouTube subscribers? It's not. Don't do it.

Seeing your videos get just a handful of views even though they are nicely filmed and cover interesting topics can be frustrating. Some YouTubers aren't patient enough to meticulously grow their channels, which is why they opt to buy views and subscribers from providers that promise miracles.

The question remains whether or not these aforementioned miracles are just a scam designed to take your money. Buying subscribers carries a certain amount of risks, because YouTube's algorithm may recognize fake subscribers and views, and that can result in a red flag on your channel or a ban. It may be safer to learn how to grow your subs organically for free.

Let's have a look at some of the best places to buy subscribers and see whether or not they are promising more than they can deliver.

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Top 5 Sites to Buy Subscribers

Most providers offer ridiculously low prices to attract more YouTubers in need of views and subscribers. However, low prices for such services are the first sign that something isn't right because getting hundreds of subscribers for just $5 is unrealistic.

Viralyft: There are many ways to grow your YouTube channel, and buying subscribers is one of the most dangerous ways, since it may result in penalties that will ruin your YouTube channel. Viralyft is offering 500 worldwide subscribers for $49.99, and they provide no information about the delivery method. You should always ask questions about the delivery method before doing business with a service like this.

One thing they do promise is that the subscribers you can buy from them are safe, but they offer no proof that you will not be caught.

View2be: View2Be offers 500 subscribers for $45. This is a more realistic price than $5, but the delivery time they are promising could be risky. A sudden increase in subscribers within 24 to 72 hours could raise a red flag with YouTube’s algorithm suspicion.

View2Be does guarantee to give you your money back if they don't deliver subscribers.

A better alternative to buying subscribers from View2be might be their view exchange platform, in which you earn real human views on your videos by watching other people’s videos.

ZERU: A huge number of clients that are advertised as a sort of a guarantee that the ZERU provides reliable services. This is somewhat misleading because it diverts the attention from the truly important information. There is no sign of delivery method explanations (where do the subscribers come from?), only a promise that they will deliver the subscribers within a day or two.

You want to know where your subscribers are coming from. If you are an American YouTuber, for example, and you suddenly receive a large number of subscribers from Asian countries then that will be suspicious of YouTube’s algorithm.

YTView’s claim that subscribers you will be buying are 100% real isn't supported by any other fact featured on their website. ZERU will sell you a hundred subscribers for $20.

QQTube: For only $25 you can get 10,000 subscribers per day, which is one of the cheapest offers on the market. That delivery window could look suspicious to YouTube, but if that’s a risk you’re willing to take then with QQTube at least you won’t be risking a lot of money.

QQTube's website doesn't mention anything about safety, which is worrying, but they do offer geographic targeting which is important.

SocialGrand: Social Grand offers 500 subscribers for $34,90 or a thousand subscribers for $62,90. They promise to get your YouTube channel a better reputation, which is a huge claim that we would be wary of.

Their argument that their service is cost-effective and that it will earn you money is not only a cause for concern, but it is dangerous as well because penalties for fake subscribers on AdSense are much harsher than on YouTube.

Top 3 Ways to Get Free Subscribers

YouTube's community and YouTube's algorithm both favor authenticity, and for that reason, these organic ways to get subscribers will have a much stronger impact on your YouTube channel than any amount of subscribers you can buy.

Buying subscribers creates the illusion of short-term growth, while these free methods will result in real long-term growth.

Master SEO: If you would like to grow your YouTube channel, then mastering SEO is the right way to go. Use keywords in the titles of your videos, playlists, and your videos’ descriptions.

Many powerful keyword research tools can help you find the best keywords for your videos. One simple method is to simply search for your topic on Google and YouTube and see what other content creators are using to rank well.

A good performance in search rankings can only be achieved by strategic thinking and careful planning, so before you upload a video to YouTube do a little research to find the best keywords for your videos.

You can learn more about YouTube SEO here

Post Consistently:  You can hardly expect to have a loyal community of subscribers if you post videos every two or three months. Post a lot of videos and post them consistently (i.e. on the same day every week) because, if you do so, viewers will feel the anticipation and be more likely to watch your videos as soon as they are uploaded. Getting a lot of traffic in the first 24 hours of your video being uploaded is great for SEO.

If you manage to post four videos in a month, the number of subscribers to your account will grow organically, and you won't need fake subscribers. You'll get new subscribers for free.

Produce Collab Videos: Nobody can make it on their own; we all need the support of the people around us. Collaborating with other YouTubers that share your interest in the topic you are covering can be beneficial in many ways. First, when you collaborate you each introduce the other creator to a lot of new potential subscribers. Second, you begin to build a support network that you can rely on when you run into trouble (your YouTube friends may be able to share useful advice and even resources with you as you both grow).

Considering the risks, would YOU ever buy YouTube subscribers?

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