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Free or Cheap Animation Software for YouTube Video Creators

Sep 04, 2021• Proven solutions

There is a lot of great paid motion graphics software out there, like Adobe After Effects, but these programs aren’t necessarily the right fit for YouTubers. As a video creator, your focus is probably on videos more so than animation.

If you do want to learn how to use After Effects, or other paid software, we’ve put together a list of free educational resources.

If you want to make your own custom motion graphics, but want something cheaper and easier to use than After Effects, here are some alternatives to consider.

1. Pencil 2D
2. Blender
3. ToonBoom Harmony

Best Free/Cheap Animation Software for YouTube Video Creators

1. 1. Pencil 2D – Mac, PC, Linux 

Pencil 2D

This is a great 2D animation tool. It is not an easy program to jump into, but they have a ton of free video tutorials that can help you learn to use it.

Although it is definitely targeted more at people who want to make cartoons/fully animated videos, there is no reason you could not also use it to create more simple animations like logo sequences and customized titles.

2. Blender – Mac, PC, Linux


Blender is a free and open source 3D animation suite. It has tools for modeling as well as motion tracking. They provide free tutorials that will help you get started. The tutorials cover not only the basics of the program, but the basics of animation in general.

3. ToonBoom Harmony - Mac, PC


This 2D animation tool boasts that it is the industry standard, and it has good reason to. Emmy winning cartoons, like Adventure Time, have made use of this software.

There is a 21 day free trial for Harmony, but after that you have to buy a paid license. There are three different pricing levels depending on whether you want the Essentials, Advanced, or Premium version of the program. Most YouTube creators will probably lean towards Essentials, which is $15 a month when you buy a yearly license.

To use any of these programs in tandem with Filmora, you will first need to export a clip and import it into Filmora. From there, you can either use an animated sequence as an intro/outro, or you can drag your clip into the PIP track and overlay the element you have created over a video clip. Just remember that, if you want to use your animation as a graphic element in Filmora, it will need to have a solid color in the background which is not also used inside the animation.

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