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How to Convert Viewers into Subscribers - a Simple Guide

Mar 23, 2021• Proven solutions

Converting viewers to subscribers is a real challenge.

Every time you post a video there are two groups of people who might watch it – your subscribers, and viewers who are brand new to your channel. Getting those brand new viewers to stick around, subscribe, and watch more videos is not just a matter of creating good content.

The reason viewers stumble upon your video and then leave without subscribing is not that your video wasn’t good enough to make them subscribe. The reason this casual viewer isn’t subscribing is that they weren’t looking for someone to subscribe to, they were looking for an answer to a question or a piece of information. Once they got what they needed, they left.

Your challenge as a creator is giving those casual viewers a reason to come back.

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Making a Connection

People don’t subscribe to channels, they subscribe to people.

If you want casual viewers to subscribe and return to your channel, you need to connect with them on a personal level. Sometimes you’ll be able to do this via your actual video, but something you can do that’s a bit more active is the reply to comments.

While your channel is smaller, there’s no reason you shouldn’t reply to every comment you get. People like it when you interact with them and it can be a major factor in getting them to subscribe.

New viewers especially appreciate it because it lets them know they’re welcome and that your channel isn’t some kind of private club where you only talk to your friends. It can be especially impactful if you reply to a new viewer who has commented on an older video of yours, because they probably aren’t expecting you to respond (they’re expecting another viewer will).


How to Reply to Comments Effectively

You don’t need to overthink replying to comments. If someone says ‘great video’ it’s okay to just say ‘thanks’ or send them an emoji.

When you’re replying to new viewers who have come to your video seeking answers, however, the key is to be welcoming and non-judgmental. If they’ve asked a question and the answer is clearly outlined in your video, don’t tell them ‘it’s in the video’ – just answer them. The same thing goes if they’re asking for an answer you think is obvious. Don’t point out how simple it is or say anything else that could make them feel small, just answer the question.

If they think of you as helpful and welcoming they are more likely to subscribe.


Keep It Up

Replying to comments is almost seen as a given for small channels, but as you grow and start to get more and more comments it will get harder to keep up with. People know that, and so their expectation that you might respond to them will go down as you get bigger.

If you can manage to still respond to comments as much as possible, especially comments from new viewers, as you grow then that will make a huge impact on your viewers. You'll be able to start converting viewers to subscribers.


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Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.