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How to Create a Playlist on YouTube

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Want to watch the missed-out episodes of your favorite serial? As well know it irritates to find out every single episode on order? But why to worry when YouTube has a separate playlist on your famous tv-series. Want to watch new trending music of 2020? YouTube has a playlist for it. Missing comedy videos from the favorite show on TV? YouTube has a playlist on it. Need to know different ideas about marketing on improving your brand? Yes, you got my point. There is a playlist on YouTube for that as well.

Create Playlist on YouTube

Although it isn’t the latest one on the Internet, it is still the unbeatable application that brings everything in a single screen from trending tunes, entertaining videos, industry backgrounds, and the latest news to your notice that happens every second. Especially if you are an individual with a marketing background or a brand developer, YouTube playlists can do a lot from its side? Need to know what are its benefits and how to create a playlist on YouTube? You are in the right spot.

What is a YouTube Playlist?

Irritated from surfing over the Internet for videos related to your concept or topic you are searching for? Else are you a party-hard person who needs continuously playing of fantastic music to keeping the fun going? YouTube playlists are the better option: a collection of videos that keep playing in order, sequentially, and play one after another automatically unless you change it manually.

What is YouTube Playlist

It is closely related to the music playlists like the ones we find in Spotify and Apple music. Different playlists on YouTube are available in all genres, like entertainment, fun, relaxation, thrilling, and educational niches. Do you have a monotonous routine at the office? Let’s play something crazy and fun-filled like the comedy series or bloopers? Need some workout ideas? Check out the compilation of different custom fitness workouts as a playlist on YouTube. Whatever you want, you can find everything in YouTube playlists.

It is a fantastic app that can do wonders that one could think. Besides being used for the fun-filled purposes, they are content curation tools that can be used by marketers as a platform to attract customers and engage with them with various product videos under a single roof called playlists.

If you are a tricky person who has a changing mindset and different mood-offs, you can create your playlists that combine all your favorite videos from varied niches.

Difference between a Channel and a Playlist on YouTube

There are times where one gets confused with the YouTube channels and playlists. While some say they are similar, the fact is both are different. A person with a specific name creates a channel, and it is the place where the person posts all the videos or uploads them for his/her subscribers to get likes and more audience.

What is YouTube Channel

But YouTube playlists are auto-generated contents that consist of videos from different channels but with the same content concept. For example, a PewDiePie channel will have his uploaded videos. Still, PewDiePie playlists will have all his videos and the ones similar to his stream but off the channel. Likewise, self-created playlists will have videos that you have saved to see them later or often.

YouTube Playlist vs. YouTube Channel

What are the benefits of a playlist on YouTube?

There are various YouTube and video creators who have undervalued playlists' importance, and hence the hidden benefits are often off-screen. So, we have listed the top 5 reasons why YouTube playlists are essential and how a YouTuber can benefit from playlists.

1. YouTube playlists help you organize videos in order

YouTube these days appears scattered with numerous information where some are important at the critical instances of time. You also have some playlists that are the effective ones grouped based on a common theme. Suppose your company focuses on selling musical equipment. In that case, you can make separate playlists for a guitar or pianos so that viewers can come across different equipment styles, available variants allowing them to navigate through various parts in your channel. Alongside this, you can tell your viewers what the YouTube channel or the organization is all about at first glance as the first impression is the best expression!

2. Increase the rank of your video

If your video gets added to a playlist, there are high chances for it to be in the YouTube watchlist even it is less popular but related to the ones that the audience prefers. In turn, this act raises your video's rank as the "total watch time" is a vital factor that drives your video to the highly ranked video list.

3. Playlists account to discoverability and improve visibility on search engines

Apart from being enlisted as single videos, individual videos indexed in playlists get opportunities to appear on the search engines based on the keywords. Playlists are bread slices packed with jam as keywords providing likelihood to emerge on multiple times. But to catch the gain of this method, one has to enrich the video with an outstanding keyword, titles, or description and optimize the video with remarkable SEO techniques.

4. Get more views

When your video comes under a theme and is categorized, the YouTube algorithm places it over with the other related to each other. The next time, your video will appear on the right sidebar below the "related videos." As the video plays automatically, one after the other, the number of views increases. "Amazing playlists can make viewers watch it longer!"

5. Playlists are best for video SEO

Such playlists can boost and help one to reach your YouTube channel. Especially when it comes to educators or artists, they provide value and save time. Playlists get ranked for keywords that help your audience in reaching you on YouTube.

How to Make a YouTube Playlist?

Surprised to know that a simple playlist has handy benefits that you weren't aware of still now? Are you excited and eager to create your playlists on YouTube? Here is a step-by-step guide that will guide you on how to make a playlist on YouTube.

1. Open your channel page on YouTube

To start with, open your YouTube channel page and tap the “Customize Channel” button.

2. Create your YouTube playlist

Now, find or select the video you wish to add to the playlist. To save it, click on the “Plus” icon. You can click on "Watch later" that will add the video to your already created playlist from the drop-down.

Create New YouTube Playlist

3. Give the playlist a name

Name your new YouTube playlist and make sure it fulfills the criteria of a maximum of 150 characters. Specify the privacy level and make it to the public so that anyone can view it. Once satisfied, tap the “Create” option.

Create a Name for Playlist

4. Your YouTube playlist is now live

You have successfully made the playlist and added the video to find by clicking on the "Library" option.

Tips to Improve Your Video SEO

As said before, to improve your video playlist and bring it to rank, optimizing your playlists with SEO is mandatory.

1. Make use of appealing titles and depiction

While many viewers don’t prefer reading through the entire description, the title and the Metadata are the major factors that attract viewers at first glance. Hence, pay attention and spend time to build and craft an appealing title. Give importance to the thumbnail image and ensure that it is engaging.

2. Concentrate on keywords

Surf through the various playlists and find keywords used in popular videos related to your niche. Remember, keywords can be included in your titles and increase the chances of increasing the ranking of the video.

3. Prefer the optimal video hosting platform

Set a goal and choose a wise video hosting platform to gain traffic and generate new leads. Before deciding with the right one, consider making trails or find a review from the Internet.


So, now you know every nook and corner on the answers to how to make YouTube playlists and create them through a simple guide yourself. Besides using it for product marketing or brand deliverance, you can use it to make your YouTube channel a popular one. Yes, do you have a collection of videos to showcase the world? Upload them on YouTube as a playlist and optimize it with SEO tips discussed today. Maybe it is an ASMR video or a vlogging one. It can help in reaching your YouTube target audience for sure!

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