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How To Delete a YouTube Channel

Jun 22, 2021• Proven solutions

Have you ever wondered how to delete your YouTube channel?

Sometimes as a creator on YouTube you may find yourself wanting to branch out and try something completely new. The channel you started when you were younger might not accurately represent who you are anymore, and it could be difficult to clearly communicate who you want to be now when your old brand keeps getting in the way. You might want to start a completely new YouTube channel and delete your old one.

In this article, we can teach you how to delete a YouTube channel so you can start fresh.

  1. How to Delete Your YouTube Channel
  2. Hiding a YouTube Channel
  3. Deleting a Google Plus Account and a YouTube Channel
  4. Do I have to delete my Google account?

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How to Delete Your YouTube Channel

Here are the steps for deleting a YouTube channel in 2018:

Begin by logging into your Google account and going to YouTube. Once you’re there, find the settings page from the main page by clicking on the gear icon in the top corner. This will open up the overview tab.

On the overview tab, you should see a panel with your channel name on it. From here you can click your channel image and see an advanced options tab. From the advanced options tab, you'll be taken to a new screen.

At the very bottom of YouTube's advanced options page, there will be a button that is labeled Delete channel. This is the first step in the process of erasing your current YouTube channel.

When you click on the delete channel button you will be prompted to reenter your YouTube password. After entering your password you will have to confirm that you would like to permanently delete your content. If you are not completely certain that you have saved the content you want to save from your YouTube page, make sure to retrieve it.

Finish selecting the boxes that confirm you want to delete your channel. Click on the box labeled delete channel at the bottom of the agreement page. Everything will not vanish right away, you’ll need to wait for YouTube to perform its regular server updates. For a few hours or even a few days, you can expect to see the thumbnails of your videos up on the platform.

This process will only work for deleting one channel under your Google account. If you have multiple channels associated with one Google account you will have to repeat these steps individually for every one of them you want to delete.  


Hiding a YouTube Channel

If you wish to hide the videos that you are publishing so that the public cannot directly access them, there are features available on your Google account management page to do just that. This option is less permanent than deleting a channel but it does come with the risk that some of your data could be lost. Make sure you back up your videos first.

To hide a YouTube channel that you may want to revisit start on the account management page of your Google account.

Just under the storage option, you should see the option to remove YouTube content. By clicking this option you will have the chance to hide or delete a channel. Selecting the hide button will allow you to keep your channel name, your subscriptions, your three most successful public videos, four public playlists, your likes, and more. Older comments will be pruned and older shares on google plus may not be noted.

Confirming these options and then clicking the hide my channel button will allow you to make your channel private for some time.


Deleting a Google Plus Account and a YouTube Channel

In the Google account management page, you will also have the option to permanently delete your Google plus profile as well as your YouTube channel at the same time. This option will allow you to preserve your Google data such as everything you have stored in the drive, your contacts, uploaded photos, and Gmail data but will completely remove your Google plus circles, +1s, the profile page, and YouTube channel.

To use this option go to your Google account features page, go to the account management section at the bottom of the page, click on delete Google+ profile and features, review what's about to be deleted, and then all of the features of your Google plus and YouTube content will be removed.

From this screen make sure that you choose that you would like to remove all of your YouTube content or your channel will simply become hidden. After confirmation, you should be able to delete your Google plus account and your YouTube channel content all from the same account management screen.


Do I have to delete my google account?

There is no need to permanently delete your Google account in order to erase your YouTube channel. Completing the steps in the first section on YouTube will only delete the YouTube channel that you select and it will not affect your entire Google account. It's will be possible for you to start up a brand-

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