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How to Grow YouTube Channel - Dos & Don'ts

Jul 21, 2021• Proven solutions

If you search for ‘how to grow your channel’ on YouTube, you will find the same information over and over again. You will mostly hear that you should pick a specific time to post, pick popular topics to post about, and be consistent with posting to engage viewers.

These are true, but I’ve learned that there are even simpler ways you can grow your channel. Here are my Dos and Don’ts for growing your channel. These are all based on my own personal experiences.


How to Grow YouTube Channel


DO Respond To Your Comments

I know sometimes you can be busy and feel like you don’t have time to respond to the comments on your videos. What you don’t realize is that, when you don’t reply, you are losing out on views and subscribers.

Viewers like to be acknowledged. You should always respond to most or all of your comments because it will show people that you are genuine and appreciative. When non-subscribers watch your video and see that you respond to your comments, they are more likely to subscribe and comment on your videos because they know they will be able to interact with you.


DON’T Sub4Sub/Sub for sub

I know you’re probably eager to grow your channel, but doing it this way is a major turn off! I cannot tell you how annoying, and sometimes desperate, it can come off when you only comment on someone’s video to get them to do something for you in return. What people don’t always realize is that we check out each other’s videos and profiles without being asked. If someone is interested, they will subscribe on their own.

Usually, when people Sub4Sub they don’t keep watching your videos, and YouTube’s search engine can pick up on that and punish it by ranking your videos lower in their search results.


DO Comment On People’s Videos

You can gain subscribers very easily by just engaging with other creators and viewers in the comments of other people’s videos. When you comment on a video (without asking for sub4sub!), other viewers are more likely to become engaged with you and decide, on their own, to check out your videos. I do this all that time and it works well!


DON’T Forget To Say If You’re Taking a Break

It’s ok! Life happens and sometimes you have to step away from YouTube for a little bit. Just make sure your viewers know you are leaving for a little while and, if possible, tell them when you’ll return. Your channel is like a show on TV - viewers like to know what is going on and when they can tune in to another episode.

If you find that you need to take a break from YouTube to regroup or tend to an important matter, let your viewers know in an update video. Update videos are some of the highest watched videos because viewers love the anticipation, and they are interested in what’s going on with you.


I hope these Dos and Don’ts were helpful for you guys who are looking to grow your channel in more simple and effective ways!


ElleToshea is a DIY and lifestyle YouTuber whose channel can help your house look beautiful. Check her out for home decor, crafting, and personal vlogs!

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Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.

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