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The Ultimate Guide to Make a YouTube Banner Using PicMonkey

Jun 22, 2021• Proven solutions

Having a banner for your channel is very important because it gives potential viewers and subscribers a preview of what your content and brand are all about. There are a lot of great resources out there to help create your own channel art. I chose because of how EASY and user-friendly it is!


  1. What is PicMonkey?
  2. How Much Does PicMonkey Cost?
  3. How To Make a YouTube Banner in PicMonkey
  4. The Best YouTube Video Editor


What is PicMonkey?

Picmonkey is a photo editing and graphic design website. Besides making your own channel art (i.e. banners, thumbnails, logos, etc.) you can edit and touch up your own photos and design your own personal invitations, flyers, or cards using their extensive collection of templates, fonts, and graphics. Do you want to make a collage? They have templates for that too! They even have a variety of templates you can use on other social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or even your own personal blog. This probably sounds like a lot of information, but PicMonkey’s layout makes creating your artwork a simple step by step process.

How Much Does PicMonkey Cost?

PicMonkey has two different pricing tiers that offer different features (Premium and Supremium) and three different payment plans to choose from. You can use the website to edit for free, but unfortunately, you must be a paying member to save and export your work.

There is a FREE 7-day trial that gives you all the benefits of the Premium tier! After the free trial, there are two payment plans available for the Premium Tier; $5.99USD/month which is billed annually and adds up to $71.88 all at once, or $7.99USD/month which is billed monthly.

The final and only payment plan for the Supremium Tier is $8.99USD/month which is billed annually as well, for a total of $107.88.

With both tiers, you have the ability to save, export, and share your creations as well as access to advanced touch-up tools, primo effects, overlays, fonts, re-editable images in the Hub, and top-shelf templates. Also, there are no ads! When you are Premium you are able to store up to 50 images, and with Supremium your storage is unlimited.


Tutorial - How to Make a YouTube Banner with PicMonkey


open PicMonkey


Open up PicMonkey and drag your mouse over “edit”. Select an image from your computer to edit. In this case, it will be the YouTube Channel Art Template. Follow that and find the free download labeled Channel Art Templates under Image Size and File Guidelines.



find overlay icon


Go to the overlays option, choose the rectangle overlay from the “Geometric” tab, and drag it onto the template. This rectangle overlay will act as your banner background.



resize and change color


Once you’ve dragged and dropped the graphic you can resize it and also change the color. Start by sizing the rectangle to the size of the “Text and Logo Safe Area.” Starting here will ensure that all devices will be able to see the main part of your banner (the name of your channel/your branding).



add logo text


Add text! With the text tool, you can choose from PicMonkey’s fonts or even some of your own you have downloaded. PicMonkey also lets you work in layers, meaning you can switch up the font on different parts of your banner. While editing your text you can adjust the size, color, opacity, and much more.


adjust text curve

You can even adjust the curve of your text under the “Effects” tab!



add graphic to logo


Head back to the “Overlays” tab to add more graphics to your banner to make it more interesting! There are different categories such as geometric, hearts, spirographs, and doodly accents. The possibilities are endless. You can also try creating your own logo.


send backward


To send a layer backward so a graphic is not covering your text, right click that layer and click “send backward” until the graphic is in the desired position. You can also make these adjustments using the layers panel.


change opacity


Once it is positioned to your liking, make any adjustments you see fit! Changing the opacity on certain graphics can give your banner art a lot of dimensions and make it more interesting to the viewer’s eye.



expand overlay


Once finished, expand your original rectangle overlay to cover the entire template. This way once you upload your banner to YouTube, you’ll have a nice consistent and clean looking banner across all devices. If you like, add more graphics to the surrounding areas to make your banner look different on different devices.



export logo


Click “Export” in the upper left-hand corner, to export your finished product.


export to computer

PicMonkey will direct you to a new page and give you the best settings they recommend for your project. Click “Export to Computer”, save your project to your library, and now you have a new banner to upload to your YouTube channel!

Here's the finished product:

finished logo


The Best YouTube Video Editor-Wondershare Filmora9

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