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How to Grasp a Wider Audience by Multistreaming on Youtube and Twitch?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 21, 21, updated Feb 29, 24
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As the world has progressed, a great deal has changed, and it has transformed into a digital hub. People have started to use different platforms to entertain themselves, watch their favorite content online, gaming, music, sports, or any other form of entertainment.

Cross-platform streaming is a concept people have started to follow especially when it comes to gaming. The audience has a wide variety of choices when it comes to viewing live content online.

YouTube and Twitch are two major platforms streamers use to publish their content online for their targeted audience. They need to stream their content on YouTube and Twitch simultaneously as it engages a wider range of audiences worldwide, and newer streamers can benefit from it.

Part 1: How Can You Stream on Twitch and YouTube at the Same Time?

To stream simultaneously on multiple platforms, a certain program or application is required to provide you with the required tools to enable you to broadcast your content. Several programs provide the option to stream to multiple websites at the same time e.g., Restream, Streamlabs Prime, and MelonApp.

Restream is a service that provides you with the option to broadcast your content to more than 30 different platforms including Twitch and YouTube. When you log in, you can choose the channels you wish to broadcast on and restream will issue a unique key for you.


After you have selected your desired selection, go to your broadcasting software, and choose as your preferred service and insert your unique key provided by Restream.

Restream will let you use their services for free provided you use it with their watermark. It is recommended for newer users but if you wish to remove the watermark and go ad-free you will have to upgrade your plan.

Below is a step-by-step guide to help you stream using

Step 1: Sign up or log in

The first step is to sign up on Restream. It will require you to choose a unique username, password and enter a valid email address.

Step 2: Choose your desired Platforms

From the list of different platforms, choose the ones you wish to stream to and add your channels by authorizing with the required credentials. Restream has an option of more than 30 platforms including YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Choose your desired Platforms

Step 3: Choose your subscription plan

Choose your desired plan that caters to your needs. Keep in mind that Restream is 100% free but free accounts do not come with recording or storage and will show a Restream watermark.

Choose your subscription plan

You can remove this watermark by upgrading your subscription plan to a Professional one from the dashboard.

Step 4: Choose the final streaming platforms

Connect all your channels so you can stream from a single platform. Click the platform icon and connect your preferred accounts with Restream.

Step 5: Tweak the settings according to your preference

Set up for streaming preferences and settings along with your streaming software. You can broadcast directly from your browser, multiple members from different locations, from your mobile phone, or even your GoPro. More available streaming features can be found on the Restream Help Center.

Set up for streaming preferences

Restream also offers a wide range of services including the option to stream pre-recorded videos on Twitch at a preselected time and date. However, there is a caveat that you will not be able to multi-stream after you get an affiliate status on your Twitch channel.

Part 2: How to Multi-stream using Streamlabs Prime

Streamlabs Prime is the premium version of Streamlabs. It provides you with a range of 40+ apps that can also improve the quality of your streams and allow you to multi-stream. It is one of the best streaming software in the game currently.

Many content creators use Streamlabs to simultaneously run their streams on YouTube along with Twitch to grasp a wider range of audiences and get more views. One of the best things about Streamlabs is that you can connect to the broadcast services directly from the program without entering any stream key.

Streamlabs has included the option to Multi Stream on different platforms within its OBS client. Below are the steps required to set you up for streaming on YouTube and Twitch at the same time.

Step 1: Open the settings of your desired client

Click on the gear icon to open the settings on the bottom left of the client, click on the Stream tab where you will see the three main platforms for streaming.

Step 2: Add your preferred platforms

Add YouTube and Twitch by pressing the connect button; you can also add other services as well with the Add Destination feature.

Add your preferred platforms

Your stream will automatically be broadcast to all selected platforms when you go live. Although, you will be required to use the premium service of Streamlabs to ensure you can Multistream to different platforms at the same time.



Melon is a web-based service that lets you live-stream onto different platforms at the same time such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and LinkedIn in just a matter of a few clicks. No downloads are required and there are umpteen options of customizations to personalize your feed according to your preference.

You can earn through donations from your live stream and are provided with the best customer support 24/7. Everything is hosted on a cloud-based setup and you can stream and record in 1080p.

Below are the steps to guide you on how to stream using the MelonApp.

Step 1: Login or Sign up

Login or Signup with your credentials into Melon and allow the required permissions i.e., microphone and camera.

Login or Signup to Melon

Step 2: Choose your subscription plan

Choose your premium plan to avail of multi-streaming along with high-quality broadcasting, unlimited streaming, and tons of customization.

Choose your subscription plan

Step 3: Choose your desired platforms

Choose and connect the platforms you want to stream to from the Settings in the top right corner. If you have to reselect, simply click x, and reconnect to a different service.

Step 4: Finalize your preferences

Click on ‘Go Live’ and select the platforms for the current stream you wish to broadcast. Selected platforms will be highlighted.

Click on ‘Go Live’

Step 5: Go live!

In the end, click next, put in the title of your stream and its description and you are all set to broadcast your content.

Part 3: Bonus Tips | Enlarge your Live Stream Performance!

Now that you know how to stream on Twitch and YouTube, here are some tips to improve your live streams!

Tip # 1: Enhance Your Content

You can enhance your content in multiple ways to grasp a wider audience and get your message all around the globe.

Tip # 2: Introduce Graphics and Transitions

You can use interesting gifs, screens, intros, and outros for your streams. Announcing your streams beforehand can also help build up hype and make people anticipate your feed.

Tip # 3: Work More on Post Production

People stream different content on these streaming platforms including gaming, podcasts, educational and entertainment videos. Editing your content to near perfection is one of the most major aspects of a successful broadcast.

Tip # 4: Use Editing Tools to Make Your Videos Interesting

You can use different editing tools such as Wondershare Filmora which is a great video editing software that allows you to edit, trim, cut, add sounds and apply tons of effects to your content no matter what type or genre it is.

Tip # 5: Add Certain Effects to Appear Professional

You can also introduce motion tracking, keyframing, and use other powerful features, and that too for free using Wondershare Filmora. However, if you wish to go a step further you can always opt for their premium version and transcend into a world of endless options and opportunities to edit and enhance your content.

Tip # 6: Promote Your Content Using Social Media

Multi-streaming helps build up a wider community of fans as it is targeting different sets of people and you can also earn from your streams using advertisements and introducing click-on banners for brand endorsements.

Some platforms also let you promote and manage your merchandise, so it is always a good opportunity for these streaming clients and platforms.


Now you can also monetize your streams and broadcast on different platforms such as YouTube and Twitch at the same time. This will boost your reach and views in a very positive way. You can also tweak your content by editing it and inserting sound effects, gifs, and much more to make it more interesting and catchier.

And by multi-streaming on YouTube and Twitch, you will have a greater chance of being found by gaming sponsors and your growth will not be tied just to a single platform. You can also promote your streams on other social media platforms and your handles as well.

Pre-recorded videos are also a great way to present your content with perfection without any chances of being prone to any potential online mishaps.

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