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The Best Camera for Vlogging? Learn About 3 of the Most Popular

Sep 06, 2021• Proven solutions

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What's the one thing you absolutely need to make a YouTube video? Creativity, passion, great ideas?

No, silly, it's a camera. Not that the rest of that stuff doesn't help a ton.

In this post, we're going to look at 3 of the most popular cameras used by YouTubers and whether they could also be right for your channel.

That said: if you can't afford a new camera, or aren't sure yet that that's an investment you want to make, then don't let that hold you back. You can make great videos using any camera, even the one on your phone. Check out this post on smartphone vlogging


1. Logitech C920 HD Pro
2. Canon EOS 70D
3. Canon PowerShot S120


The Logitech C920 HD Pro 1080p Webcam - $64 New or $46 Used



An extremely detailed review from Barnacules Nerdgasm.


This webcam is widely considered to be the best' facecam'. It is used by a lot of the top gamers on YouTube, including Markiplier and Jacksepticeye (although both of these YouTubers also use the Canon 70D).

You really only need a resolution of 720p for a facecam video, and the C920 can do 720p easy. Most webcams can. The C920 can also deliver clear 1080p, though, which means that you can use it to shoot vlogs and other videos.

The C920 is fairly priced at $58, and there is an updated version called the C922 priced at $99.  Never spend more than $100 on a webcam. There just aren't improvements you can make upon cameras like these which would make them worth significantly more money.

For example, Logitech has also come out with the Logitech Brio 4K Ultra HD Webcam and it costs $200. There is nothing you would shoot with a webcam that would be worth paying an extra $100 for 4K (especially considering that most newer smartphones can shoot 4K).

The C920 very easy to use the camera – you pretty much just plug it in – and it comes with software that will let you adjust settings like brightness and contrast. It does automatic light correction, which will make it easier to record inside in less than ideal lighting conditions. Another perk is that it has built-in stereo microphones, which will be useful if you don't have an external mic.


The Canon EOS 70D - $1200 w/ 18-55mm lens



Liz also shouts out the Canon Rebel T3i in this video – a great starter-DSLR!


The Canon 70D has been called the best vlogging camera. A lot. High-profile channels that use the 70D include Casey Neistat, BFvsGF, and Zoella.

Does it live up to the hype? Is it the best vlogging camera? Yes! And also, no.

The Canon 70D is definitely the best vlogging camera for 'camera people'. If you are passionate about learning everything you can about your camera, its settings, and how to use it well, then you might just be a camera person. Congrats! Camera people are awesome.

If you don't want to have to think about your camera past turning it on – if you really just want to focus on creating awesome content – then maybe the Canon 70D isn't quite right for you. You might want to consider a more entry-level DSLR, like the Canon Rebel T3i, which will be easier to jump into using and costs less than half the price of the 70D.

One of the features that make the 70D really popular on YouTube is its autofocus. Lots of cameras have an autofocus feature, but not all autofocus is created equal. In some cameras, this feature can lag, leaving you out of focus for a second or so every time you move. Or, your autofocus can be too loud and create an annoying buzz which you will need to edit out of your videos. The Canon 70D's Dual Pixel CMOS AF (AF for autofocus) is fast and silent – you'll never have to worry about your face getting blurry.

The swivel screen is also essential for a vlogging DSLR (the T3i has a swivel screen too!).


The Canon PowerShot S120 - $530 New or $350 Used.



The 'shame on you' thing is about the mic placement. This is one of his favorite cameras.


You might not think of 'point and shoot' digital cameras as vlogging cameras – a lot of people's minds jump right from a webcam to a DSLR. Casey Neistat sees the PowerShot S120 as 'almost perfect', though, and that's from someone who also uses a powerful Canon 70D DSLR. Zoella also uses the S120 in addition to her 70D.

The S120 is not without problems, the main one being the location of the microphone (Casey shows you how to fix that in the video above!).

Aside from that, though, the S120 is extremely durable and records great 1080p HD video. If you want to customize your settings, then you'll have a lot of options to choose from and an easy-to-navigate interface, but if you just want to leave it on AUTO, then the automatic settings will serve most users very well.

You can easily carry this camera around in your pocket, which is handy.

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