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15 Best YouTube Movies Channels for You to Kill Time in 2024

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 31, 21, updated Feb 29, 24
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The movie industry is a creative art that requires a lot of different elements such as business, design, music, photography, and filmmaking. As time went by, movie reviews and news became more in demand in a digital video format rather than print. YouTube has made watching movies a lot easier just with your mobile phones and at your comfort. There are many hallmark movies on YouTube that you can manage to help you kill time.

While there are paid hallmark movies on YouTube, there are also free hallmark movies channels to watch to kill time ranging from a short film, cartoon, movie trailer, movie reaction, etc. In this article, I will show the top 15 YouTube movies channels to kill time in 2024.

Part 1: Does YouTube Have a Movie Channel?

Are you a fan of watching movies? The good news is you can watch a variety of films on YouTube at the comfort of your home more easily just with the use of your mobile phone or your computer system. YouTube, a well-known platform for video-sharing with live broadcasting and music videos, also offers users the option to watch free and paid movies on the best YouTube movies channel.

Part 2: 15 Best YouTube Movies Channels to Watch Films in 2024

If you are looking for YouTube channels to watch movies, the fact is that there are lots of best YouTube movies channels to watch films in your comfort and kill time. It is also vital to understand that some channels are free while others are paid based on the channel owner.

Stay tuned, as I'll be giving you 15 top channels to watch movies and kill time this 2024!


Movieclips covers all aspects of movies, whether Western, action, comedy, horror, drama, film and many more genres. The Fandango Movieclips channel is the most extensive collection of licensed movie clips on the web.

2.Mr Sunday Movies

Mr. Sunday Movies is a cartoon movie network where you can find videos on Easter Eggs, Movie Reviews, Trailer Breakdowns, Deleted Scenes, and more.

3.Indietrix Film Reviews

Indietrix Film Reviews showcase film reviews from old to new with blockbusters and art-house movies and also create guides to genres of film and recommendations for Blu-ray, Amazon, and Netflix.

4.Screen Rant | Movie and TV

Screen Rant is one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels in the United States for watching movies.

5.Movieclips Trailers

Movieclips Trailer gives you hot new thrillers as they drop, and make sure all the hottest contemporary thrillers are available to you as you watch.


TopMovieClips is a cartoon superhero movie channel where you watch the best scenes, moments, and clips.

7.Screen Junkies

Screen Junkies is a movie channel with the original showcase series, stream of pop-culture parody, and thoughtful commentary.

8.Film Riot

Film Riot is a how-to full trip through filmmaking which Riot explores the art of filmmaking, from making significant effects to following Triune Films through production.

9.Beyond the Trailer

Beyond the Trailer, hosted and created by Grace Randolph is meant to give you an inside track of Hollywood thrillers and hot movies and also with movie reviews.


CineFix is a final place for filmmakers and true movie buffs showing on their YouTube channel.


Looper is a YouTube channel for sourcing TV shows, video games, movies that everyone loves. Viewers of this channel are addicted to Star Wars and superheroes.

12.The Film Theorists

The Film Theorists is referred to as a did-you-know movie. This channel is good with theorizing movies bringing you little-known behind-the-scenes moments and incredible facts from all your favorite big-screen hits.


WhatCulture is an online culture magazine covering TV, Film, Gaming, etc. It gives you the option to check back regularly for exclusive Top-10s, reviews, previews, etc.


ScreenPrism helps you to understand more about TV shows and movies. The channel aims at creating insightful video essays by commenting, entertaining, analyzing, and exploring various topics.

15.Film Gob

Film Gob is a YouTube channel meant for weird comedy mashup stuff, trailer, reactions, reviews, movie news, and rants.

Part 3: Where to Find Free Movies?

There are many paid movies on the internet, but it's also necessary to note that there are other platforms where you can watch free interesting movies or free hallmark movies at your comfort. This platform includes:

1. Kanopy

Kanopy is home to free classic movies or art houses with the best streaming website for contemporary Indies. Kanopy is known for showing critically acclaimed and high-quality cinema.

2. Crackle

Crackle offers hundreds and thousands of full-length free movies. No matter the size of the screen or monitor you use to watch the movie, the movie still maintains its high quality.

3. Vimeo

Vimeo is also a video platform that operates like YouTube, allowing users to upload their movies and clips in HD quality and share. Vimeo offers paid and free hallmark movies for users and serves as an excellent alternative for those who are not into the idea of Google what you are watching. It has an Android and iOS app and a website to stream or watch directly without downloading the movies.

Part 4: How to Create Your Own Short Film?

Have you ever been taught how to create your short film? Wondershare Filmora is the best and easy tool to do this accordingly. When you finish making the short film, you can share it on your social media, including your Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Below, we will show you use Filmora to create your short film, like hallmark movies on YouTube in clicks.

Step 1: Install Filmora and Import Files

Open Wondershare Filmora, click the "Import" button, and load media files using the navigation import panel. Also, arrange the order by directly dragging and dropping your media files into the program.

Wondershare Filmora

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Step 2: Edit Videos using Filters

Start editing to make Stunning Videos using Various Effects & Filters. Go to the “Transition” tab. Then drag your clips to join it with one or several different transitions.

To add words to the film, click on the “Text” button, select the text type you like, and drag the icon to the Text track.

adjust the effect

Step 3: Export and Share your Final Video

When you are happy with the final file, save and export your video in the format of your choice and directly upload it to your Facebook or YouTube account. You can also burn it to disk.

For more insight on how to create your short film on Wondershare Filmora, watch the video.


Thus, as we saw, finding the best YouTube movies channel in 2024 to kill your time will make you happy, and this article has given a broad explanation of the top free YouTube movies channel that can suit your needs. Filmora has also proven to be one of the most powerful tools to make your short films and teach you how to go about it.

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