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How to Livestream Zoom on Facebook?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published May 25, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
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There are numerous ways to connect with viewers across the globe through online platforms. One such platform is Facebook live stream videos through which a single person can connect with the whole world and can talk to the people live. Through live stream videos on Facebook, people can show cooking or makeup tutorials that millions of people can join to watch easily.

Also, through such videos, many teachers prefer to demonstrate a particular concept so that students can respond instantly. However, if you want a clearer vision for better understanding, you can zoom on Facebook live stream videos by reading instructions from this article.

Part 1: Zoom in Facebook Livestream from Browser

The easiest way to zoom in on Facebook Livestream videos is via browser. In this part, we will describe two methods for zooming in on Facebook Livestream videos that are manual and through a browser extension.

Method 1: Manual Method

In this first method, you can zoom on Facebook videos through your desktop manually. Read the following steps to perform this method:

Step 1: Open your Facebook account by entering your username and password. Now play the livestream video on which you want to zoom in.

Step 2: For Windows users, press the “CTRL” and “+” buttons simultaneously to zoom on the Facebook video. Whereas, for Mac users, press the “COMMAND” and “+” buttons at the same time to zoom in. A small pop-up window will display at the top right corner from where you can control the zoom value.

use keyboard shortcuts to zoom

Method 2: Browser Extension

In this particular method, we will use a browser extension called “Zoom," through which you can quickly enjoy the zoom experience on the Facebook live stream videos. This special browser extension is a lightweight extension that can assist you in browsing the web pages by zooming in and out conveniently. By using this extension, you can change the zoom value through its slider up to 400 easily.

Step 1: First, you need to install the browser extension of Zoom on your PC. Click on the “Add to Chrome” option to download and install this extension on your Chrome browser.

add the extension to chrome

Step 2: Open your Facebook account and play your live stream video. On the top right corner, you can see the “Extension” icon where all your added extensions are pinned. Select Zoom extension, and through its displayed slider, you can increase the zoom value easily. You can also press the “+” button from your keyboard to zoom in on the Facebook video through this extension.

use extension zoom feature

Part 2: How to Zoom in Facebook Livestream on Android

If you are watching live stream videos of Facebook on an Android device, you can also zoom in by modifying your phone’s settings. To do so, here are basic steps:

Step 1: From your Android phone, reach out to the “Settings” to open its menu. From this menu, find the option of “Accessibility” from “Additional Settings” and click on it.

access accessibility option

Step 2: On the accessibility screen, tap on the option of "Vision" and then locate the section called "Display."

tap on vision

Step 3: Now, find the option of "Magnification" and tap on it. Afterward, select the "Magnification Shortcut" and turn on the toggle of magnification.

enable magnification shortcut

Step 4: Now, go back to your Facebook account to use your accessibility feature. You have to first tap on the icon of the small person at the bottom right corner of your screen. Now you can tap anywhere on your screen to zoom in.

click on man icon

Step 5: To zoom in on a live stream video of Facebook, expand your two fingers by placing them on the screen. Thus you can easily zoom in on any specific part of the Facebook video easily. For zooming out, move your fingers in an inward direction to pinch the screen. Also, to zoom back into a default mode, click on the accessibility feature.

zoom in on the screen android

Part 3: How to Zoom in Facebook Livestream on iPhone

As Android devices give options to zoom in and out easily, iPhone users can also change their settings to use the accessibility feature quickly. To use the accessibility button on iPhone devices, use the following steps:

Step 1: On your iPhone, go to the "Settings" and scroll down its menu. Here you can find the option of "Accessibility," so tap on it to open its menu.

tap on accessibility settings

Step 2: From the accessibility menu, locate the option of “Zoom” and click on it. Now tap on its toggle to turn it on.

enable the zoom feature

Step 3: Afterward, click on "Zoom Region" and then tap the option of "Full Screen Zoom." Now leave your settings and go back to your Facebook account.

select full screen

Step 4: To zoom on Facebook portal, double-tap from your three fingers on any specific part of your screen that will activate the accessibility feature.

Step 5: To change the zoom value, you have to triple-tap the screen with your three fingers. Options will pop up from where you can use the magnifying slider to change the zoom level by either moving it to the right or left.

use zoom feature controller

Step 6: If you want to navigate to any part of the screen while zoomed in, use your three fingers and move them around. Also, to return to the default value of the zoom, double-tap on any part of your screen using three fingers.


Facebook is the most popular app across the globe that offers a single and enhanced platform for sharing and posting various kinds of information. Through Facebook live stream videos, users can get details and related information instantly through a live video.

However, if you are struggling to catch a clear vision in live stream videos, you can zoom on Facebook app by using our provided guidelines in this article. Thus, you can have a clear and focused vision by zooming in on live stream videos on Facebook.

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