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10 Best HD Screen Recorders for Windows 10

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

Gamers, You tubers, broadcasters or tutors all want accessible multimedia processing tools. Either video recording, live streaming, VoIP call recording, webcam integration or simple screen shots integration, all need good HD screen recorder if you want to create high quality videos. However, finding a true HD screen recorder for Windows 10 has never been a piece of cake. Well, Don't worry. Here we have picked up a batch of excellent HD screen recorders for you. Following is the list of 10 such outstanding HD screen recorders for Windows 10.

Part 1: Best HD Screen Recorders for Windows

1. Wondershare DemoCreator

Since 2003, Wondershare has produced outstanding multimedia applications. A feather in their cap is the latest 1080p screen recorder for Windows 10, DemoCreator. A simple yet efficient tool, which can record up to 120 fps is actually something hard to ignore. Not only this, a built in video editor and simultaneous webcam recording for PIP is also present. Above all more than 50 file formats are supported to import, which shifts the burden of finding compatible content off the shoulder. (phew!)


    • Simple , easy and intuitive HD screen recorder
    • Built in editor with powerful features
    • No lagging while HD recording
    • Game mode brings you smooth and stable recording experience

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

2. Bandicam

If you are looking for something beyond usual 1080p screen recorder, then Badicam with its superb 4K UHD and higher fps recording is all you need. It supports 3 main recording modes including game, screen and device. Compatible with many codec and encoding options, it no doubt provides high quality recording with little or no loss of quality.



    • Integrated with H.264 encoder
    • Users can do voice mixing
    • Real time drawing make videos more attractive
    • Higher performance with smaller file sizes


    • Dont's support live streaming
    • Bandicam lacks of built-in editor to highlight your video

3. Camstudio

Initially released in 2001 as an open source product, Camstudio along its journey is now considered pretty much as standard capturing tool. From full screen capture to adjustable portions, audio recording to VoIP recording, live streaming to PIP, it does all. Amongst all the options to record HD videos on Windows 10 it is far more the best.



    • Very basic editing options to choose
    • Unlimited time of recording


    • Malicious content reported with installation
    • Cannot record directly from mobile devices
    • It only supports Windows
    • Limited video output format. Users can only export .avi format
    • No direct way to start schedule recording from interface

4. LiteCam HD

Amongst small world, gaming world is a whole new dimension. Gamers specifically need software which can handle the hard core action, quality graphics, and most importantly compressed file without compromising output. LiteCam HD exactly does that.



    • Can trim the file in the preview option
    • Audio extraction helps users edit audio separately


    • It only offers Windows version, no Mac

5. Ezvid

An easy to use HD screen recorder is Ezvid. Heavily packaged software with editing tool, it has options for capturing video as well as voice recording for commentary purposes. You can also covert text to speech using Synthesize speech option.



    • Built in editor with decent features
    • Users can use it to make slideshow


    • There is no saving option. Only export option to YouTube is supported

6. Xsplit Broadcaster

Another HD screen recorder in the field of live streaming and game playing is Xsplit Braodcaster. It has many features including drag and drop graphics, scene creation and editing tools used for live streaming.



    • Scene creation tools help you touch up your video
    • Third-party app integration through files and URLs


    • Only Windows users can use it
    • Plug-in required to add text

Part 2: Best HD Screen Recorders for Mac

1. Icecream Screen recorder

Another windows 10 HD screen recorder is Ice cream Screen recorder. Easy, efficient and fast. The best part is the on the fly editing ability which makes it quite unique. There are options to capture screenshots or video on the user interface. The webcam input can also be played around along with audio variations to innovate the process.



    • Support many audio and video formats
    • The switch control easily helps to swap between control panel and PC screen
    • Instant editing options available after recording


    • Free version limits the recording time to 10 minutes

2. Movavi

Since its inception in 2004, Movavi has grown and is recognised today as one of the best HD screen recorder. The core of managing compatibility issues between different audio and video formats and devices is what sets it apart from the rest. There are 2 options to use, which are Movavi screen capture and Movavi screen capture studio with a built in video editor.



    • Integrated editing tool with even advanced options of video stabilization
    • Variety of output formats


    • No uploading options for direct sharing
    • Crashing issues happen sometimes

3. OBS studio

OBS is one such gem which has excellent options for recording 1080p videos, broadcasting, podcasting and live streaming. It has multiple integration options with smooth transitions, real time audio/video mixing, theme selection, chat addition, filters, video capturing, setting options, switching between scenes options and above all great quality which can be customised as per need.



    • Recording as well as streaming
    • Optimized game play recording
    • Free, open source and compatible across platforms
    • Customised experience with over 20 plug-ins


    • Video editing tools are missing
    • Audio file as source link is not supported

4. Snagit

A sister program to Camtasia and a product from Techsmith, snagit is another exceptional product to record HD videos on Windows 10. If you want to quickly record your screen or take your friends walk through what you are doing, then choosing Snagit can really save you a lot of time, let alone its ability to capture a selected area.



    • Scrolling window feature to capture screen shot
    • Best image editing tools
    • All major image formats are supported
    • The output can be shared or saved to many targets


    • Limited or almost lacking video editing tools
    • Language version only supports English and Germam


When we talk about 1080p screen recorders for Windows 10 we mean something that is efficient, easy to use and at par to the high quality demands of multimedia world. Either it being game play, live streaming, webinar, or tutorials, almost all products in this HD screen recorder for Windows 10 list can do that and have excellent tools like capturing window, bit rate, fps, resolution and format customization, editing tools and audio/ video mixing. So if you, like me, have this small world of yours, which you want to capture and can't resist to share, then don't wait. Dig in and have any of those to start "virtually witnessing" the world.

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