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10+ Best Laptop Screen Recorders for Windows to Capture Audio/Video

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

It is often difficult to instruct other users to do any particular task on your laptop. To resolve this one of the toughest tasks, people tend to use some screen recorders to screenshot on PC (Windows or Mac) and show people how to do it.

Using screen recorders for laptops can help you simplify the entire working flow, explain the steps in detail easily, and most essentially the whole process is repeatable, which makes it easier for the person to understand.

But you may wonder which is the best screen recording software for my laptop?

In order to save you time in researching and testing, we have listed the top 11 best screen recorders for Windows laptops. Now, let’s start to go through it.

Part 1: Best Laptop Screen Recorders for Gameplay

1. Wondershare DemoCreator

Rank on the top of the most useful and interactive laptop screen recorder is DemoCreator. It is a screen recording and video editing toolkit for creating customized videos. DemoCreator offers professional-level videos, you are allowed to merge or trim clips of videos and instantly export and file sharing.

With the most simple interface and easy-to-use video recording features, this laptop screen recorder comes in handy for recording your Windows screen.


  • No particular time set for video recording, record as much as you want
  • The voice recording along with both laptop Windows screen (including system sound) and webcam is possible in DemoCreator
  • Plentiful text and element effects
  • Enjoy 4K video recording if your laptop is highly configured


  • Inability to recording the mobile devices is surely a drawback

Download the free version to have a try and see if it's the recorder you're looking for.

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2. Bandicam

For screencast creators and game players, Bandicam has been one of their favorite laptop screen recorders. This is a simple and lightweight software that has the ability to capture high-quality videos from any window on your laptop screen. It is noteworthy that Bandicam performs well when recording games on your laptop.



  • Records 4k ultra HD video
  • Screen recording is hardware accelerated
  • The laptop screen recorder file size is relatively smaller than other software
  • 24 hours of recording allowed


  • Bandicam does not support live streaming
  • The free version has watermark at the top of the video
  • No in-built video editor, need a separate video editor to edit the recorded video

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3. Movavi Game Capture Gecata

Excellent software, Movavi is one of the finest gameplay recorders with amazing features like online sharing, laptop screen capturing tool, playback tools, video editing, and many more. Apart from laptops, one can also record a tab or mobile screen through this software. If you want to create a game walkthrough and upload it to YouTube for sharing. Then Movavi can help you easily realize that.


  • Supports various video formats
  • Splits videos and deletes unwanted segments


  • No video download from web or sharing on social platforms available from within the interface

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Part 2: Best Open Source Laptop Screen Recorders

4. CamStudio

A fine laptop screen recorder on Windows to create screencasts and quick demo videos, CamStudio has a range of features such as automatic panning, highlighting the cursor option during recording, sound recording, and more. With the compact interface, it is easy to produce screen captures as well as instructional videos to share with other users across the globe. Plus, you even can burn your laptop recordings to DVD/CD with CamStudio, very practical.


  • Completely free and simple to use
  • A built-in help file is available in CamStudio


  • Can be saved only in AVI format with a flash conversion
  • Either records microphone audio or the speakers, cannot incorporate both

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5. VLC

A lightweight media player, VLC screen recorder for laptop is an open-source and free cross-platform player. As an integrated laptop screen recorder, VLC has the ability to play the most audio-visual files as well as Audio VCDs, CDs, DVDs, and numerous other streaming protocols. Apart from that, if you want to add some features that you liked to a laptop screen recorder, then VLC is an open-source product that has the ability to let you customize your own features.


  • Completely free without spyware, ads or user tracking
  • VLC plays all discs, files, devices, streams, and webcams in all formats
  • Highly customizable with advanced controls
  • Without any codec pack installation, VLC supports audio and video format


  • Music videos download not possible
  • Glitches while playing 4K in VLC
  • Lacks of hardware support

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6. OBS

With users able to record active computer game on the screen, or a part of the screen or full screen from any window or webcam using the OBS software makes this free program one of the best laptop screen recorders.


  • Simple interface with a range of advanced options
  • Supports multiple sources like audio and color
  • Speedy performance to record laptop screen


  • The sharp learning curve for beginners


Part 3: Best lightweight laptop screen recorders

7. Snagit

With some of the best image editing and capturing video features, Snagit is a great laptop screen recorder. Whether video clips, color value, or capturing images, Direct X application, or any video appearing on the screen, Snagit offers a number of helpful built-in tools. You may also add stamps, a new feature to your screenshots, which is extremely convenient for you to create tutorials.


  • Built-in Snipping Tool for fast-and-easy screen captures
  • Can create presets to visualize exact replica of the screenshot
  • Gives quick access to the toolbar


  • Email set-up working with the program is quite tricky
  • Lacks revert feature that undoes all your modifications to a saved videos
  • Apart from Google Drive, Snagit does not support cloud storage services such as Box, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive


8. Webinaria

From recording your screen movements to webcam and voice narration recording for screencast and demo, one can easily upload the videos to the web using Webinaria laptop screen recorder for free in the flash format.


  • As the developers keep fixing the bugs, it is an open-source software developing all the time
  • Completely free without the need for a license
  • You don't need to check the compatibility of the product


  • Need to be an expert as you don’t get any support desk to solve your queries


9. TinyTake

TinyTake, a free video recording and screen capture software with audio is ideal for small projects. For elaborate screen recording, this screen recorder for laptops is not suitable. You may record your desktop in full screen or customized a part as well as integrate the webcam recording.


  • Does not leave watermark after exporting
  • 2GB storage free on TinyTake server


  • No annotation tools available by now


11. Free Screen Video Recorder

The Free Screen Video recorder can help you in capturing the monitor. Whether multiple windows, menus, objects, or any other screen activities, this laptop screen recorder is a complete range of guides showing the steps with graphics to help you create your videos.


  • Free spyware and adware
  • Saves time by offering several video file supporting formats
  • Freeware software is 100% free


  • When you install this laptop screen recorder, either opt-out or accept the third party products
  • No picture-in-picture recording option


Part 4: How to Record Screen on Laptops for Free

If you are using Windows 10 on a laptop, there is a built-in screen recorder you can use - Windows 10 Game Bar. It is free and uses. Windows 10 Game Bar is easy-to-use for beginners though it is designed for gamers. Below are the steps to make a screen recording.

    1. Open Windows 10 Game Bar: Go to Windows Settings. Then choose Gaming. Make sure the record game button is On. Then open game bar with the default keyboard Win + G.
    2. Access to Game Bar: A notification will be pop-up, asking Do you want to open Game Bar? Click Yes below.

open Game Bar

    1. Start recording: Now, you will see the Windows 10 Game Bar. Click the third icon to start recording. You can also record audio and webcam at the same time.

record screen on laptop

Above are the basic steps to screen record on a laptop. You can also broadcast videos to other platforms.

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Well, there is an ample range of laptop screen recorders for you to choose from. So much that you will be completely absorbed in suggestions. But, to pick the best ones the above choices can help you.

Wondershare DemoCreator screen recorder now allows you to record the screen, the webcam, and the audio as well. As a screen recording and video editing toolkit, you don't need to switch software separately for screenshot and video editing.

DemoCreator offers many presets of titles & texts, transitions, overlays, filters, and elements, which is really a time saver.

Just download the free trial version and furnish the clip today.

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