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If you are planning on regularly recording tutorials on your computer or capturing game footage you should strongly consider the use of a top quality screen recorder. With many different options available for professional capture, consider some of these top options for software today.

Toolster online video recorder:

The nice part about Toolster is that you don't have to worry about downloading or installing any type of software in order to start capturing your screen. You can record video from a WebCam or start recording what's on screen with the software quite quickly. The only issue with this screen recording software is that it's limited to 2 min. of recording time and it can only be saved in FLV format giving you very little to work with for the editing process.


Apowersoft free online screen recorder:

This is another free online tool that extremely effective for users to record their own screens. If you enjoy the online version of the software you can also consider downloading a desktop version so that you can use it as a standalone format without going to the website. The recording software is quite flexible and it is possible to add edits to the video that you record in real time using the editor that is provided. File sharing and saving can also be done on this platform for easy uploading and editing later on. The file options with this software can be quite limited and the recording is quite simple when compared to other desktop tools. It's also somewhat difficult to work with as the native page is in only one language. This can be a big problem for English users.


Screencast O Matic:

This simple and easy screen recorder for both Windows and Mac makes it simple to record any of the parts of your screen you would like to capture for any type of lecture or tutorial. Saving the video files directly is simple as well. The nice part about using this software is that it offers video recording of up to 720 P and it allows for 15 min. of recording. The recorder does have limited features however unless you are willing to upgrade and download the software. It doesn't feature the same editing tools that you can find on many other online platforms.



Screencastle is a relaunched version of a recorder that is one of the simplest operate yet. All you need to do to start screen recording is click the main button on the screen. After clicking the primary button you can link the video that you watch or use an HTML in embed code. The problem with this software is that it allows for virtually no editing and the videos need to be actually downloaded later on. A direct link to the file is provided but all of the files on this editor automatically upload to their online service for storage. This editor is fine for capturing quick captures but its lack of options don't make it a serious contender for regular use.


The best online screen recorder alternative for free:

Using an online screen recorder can be a fantastic way to quickly record video online. With not need to download any extra software, plenty of free options available as well as the option to include WebCam and voice overs, you can quickly record some excellent videos online.
Some of the hugest disadvantages of using online screen recorders however is that they often have a limited recording length, the platforms are often not stable and very difficult to perform various editing options. They also require the use of the Internet at almost all times.

What's the best alternative to an online screen recorder?

With the assistance of the Filmora video editor it's much easier to start recording online video and tutorials from any source. Using software ensures that there is no limits placed on the screen recording time, that you can easily record voiceovers, pc screens, webcams and more. Almost any recording function can take place unrestricted and the quality of output is far better than any other online editor. Filmora remains one of the easiest solutions to use and has some of the most powerful editing features available to their paid users too. For the best screen capture you have got to trust in Wondershare Filmora.

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