Best Screen Recorder for Windows

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Are you looking to for the best screen recorder for windows 7, 8, or 10, but do not know what is best? Take a look at the offers from each of these software apps to see which would fit you best.

Paid Screen Recorder for Windows

1.Camtasia ($199)

With offering amazing video effects, Camtasia has the eye catching resources to make your screen recording stand out above the rest. Alongside other features such as animated background to give a moving effect or adding musical tracks to give it an upbeat performance, will give you the edge needed for your recordings. Having a grand selection of features to make your screen recorders vibrant and downright jaw dropping, is very easy to use. Camtasia has almost every feature covered. Sadly, the price leaves contenders in the dust. Not offering upgrades as they take place is another negative. If you are a gamer, well then this is not the one for you.

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2.Filmora (Free recording feature/ $59.99 for editng feature)

Fairly cheaper, Filmora offers a large array of free recording features. This software is easy to use for any user and has many resources that are not only useful but powerful as well. The full features for editing have a price to them but well worth it if you are looking to spice up your screen recording even after you have completed them. With adding free upgrades, Filmora will never leave you with worries of being out of date. Seems the only drawback to Filmora at this point is not being able to record a mobile device. Overall a great choice for beginners or just advanced users looking to try a free program first.

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3.Bandicam ($39)

Here is another screen recorder option called Bandicam. Sadly it is geared more towards gamers out there, leaving all the rest of the users out in the cold. Offering a powerful game recording software, as well as recording hd videos to those within this area of expertise is a great feature. Recording up to 120 fps is good but not very user friendly on the setting. Downside to this software is not having the editing feature for screen recordings. So once you have your screen recording, which is what you have. Nothing to give it more of a flare or to make it stand out.

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Free screen recorder for windows

1.Ezvid Video Maker

As a useful screen recorder, Ezvid Video Maker has the ability to create high resolution recordings. Auto saving videos during the recording process is a plus. Possibility to create slideshows with captions are included. Offering a voice synthesis and audio recording to give the clips the sound you want. On screen annotating while you are recording is a great feature. Easy to upload the recorded videos directly to YouTube but only to YouTube, no other video shared sites. Webcam recording is offered as well. As you can see there are cons to this also. It only supports up to 45 minutes of recording time. No customizable settings are available for the screen recording. Cannot output video but upload to youtube only.


2.ShareX(Open source)

With the ShareX program, learning how to maneuver is easy and this program is free. Advertisement is none existent with this software. Offering amazing screenshot features but not really a great source for screen recording. As it has a very dated interface which does not allow or even offer features for editing. Screen recording through them requires a third party app FFmpeg which means more work along with ShareX. Which defeats the purpose for this program if screen recording is what is needed.

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3.Open Broadcaster Software (Open source)

Open Broadcaster Software or OBS if free for users and has a great system in place for gamers who are looking to screen record while playing. While their interface maybe not easy to use, there is no indication of starting to record when recording. Once the recording is complete no editing features are provided. The actual software takes a process to understand and learn how to use. Be prepared to learn all the steps needed to get on the right track.

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After reviewing each of the different programs offered for screen recorders, it is clear Bandicam and OBS are great for gamers. This is if they take the time to learn how to use them and do not plan on editing after the recording is complete. For the rest of the non-gamers out there, Filmora is a great option to go with. Having the free recording option and the availability to pay if you need the editing, you won't go broke doing this and you will be able to completely customize recordings to share. Camtasia is a great option to cover most of all the needs out there if you are one who can put this into your budget. It seems to be the best with the complete package. Having different options to choose from should be easier with this knowledge at your fingertips.

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