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CamStudio is an extremely popular piece of software that comes with a number of key features. CamStudio is one of the best free screen capture software items available on the market today. It comes with a wealth of features and it's completely free for users to download and install. If you are looking for a piece of software that you can use to easily start screen capturing for tutorials or video presentations, you should strongly consider Cam Studio. The program will export any of the video files that you record to .AVI format. The program is also extremely good with its features with a variety of WebCam movie screen capture solutions, high quality recording options and video compression methods that can aid with editing.

Pros of CamStudio:

CamStudio is a free and open source program meaning that anyone can download and use the software as well as make direct edits to the code. The open-source nature of the program ensures that some extensions and options which can be added to the code.

CamStudio is also extremely easy to use making it user friendly for many beginners trying to screen record. The program has fairly simple setup options and you can choose options like recording audio or adding it later as well as recording for an extended amount of time/adding captions.

Cons of CamStudio:

CamStudio at this time only supports Windows and has very little in the way of editing capabilities unless you are able to install some of the user made extensions. With no base editing capabilities the software is really stripped down when compared to some the competitors and it cannot directly record for mobile devices without a patch. It's also not a great program for game recording and it only offers output formatting SWF and AVI. The official website has also had some problems with security from individuals downloading software extensions infected with Trojan viruses.

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How can you use CamStudio:

Downloading and using cam studio is extremely simple.
To get started you must first install the two different files including the codec as well as the program itself.
After setting of both programs you can get access to the record button to start with the first recording of your AVI.

After clicking the record button you will have access to the option to pick up the region of the screen that you would like to record.
Pick out a selected region of the screen or the full-screen option to pick the area that's going to be recorded.
After picking up the region you can then go to the options and select the video resolution options that you would like to use for your content.

The default quality setting is 70% but you can max out the quality as well as use several different compressors to change the sizes and editing options for your cam studio output video.
Adjust everything from the frame rate to the codec value and then hit the record button to start recording the area on screen that you selected earlier.
When you are done recording use the drop-down menu to hit the stop button and pick a save location to place the video in an easy to find location.

The best alternative:

The biggest problem with CamStudio is that it's quite restrictive in the types of qualities and output that can be used for many individuals. A much better option for your screen capture could be using Wondershare Filmora , recording feature is totally free to use. Not only is recording extremely easy-to-use with this program but it's easy free record options like WebCam, use a variety of editing tools as well as get access to free media resources that can make your videos much better. Wondershare Filmora gives you more control and a better quality video from its screen capture options.

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