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How to Stream 3DS Gameplay

Aug 31, 2020• Proven solutions

We all love to stream our interesting gameplay, it brings fun and adventure. There are so many latest adventurous games in market these days and players are always curious to share their experience on different games. Live streaming is best way to let your friends know how good you are in gaming. There are two options to stream 3DS gameplay: either you can do it with a capture card or choose the streaming without capture card.

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Using 3DS Capture Card:

You need to follow these steps to record 3ds gameplay with capture card:

Step 1: First of all you need to buy your 3DS capture card. Prefer to buy a good one to obtain rich quality of videos.

Step 2: You will get software along with your new capture card; it is time to install then software on your system.

Step 3: On the software window, go to Coding option available on top bar and then from drop down menu select calibration. You have to adjust the number in the pop up window for 2D and 3D mode separately. It will help to generate much better streaming with high resolution.

Step 4: Now go to your OBS screen recorder software tool and add your game play window to its streaming option. Soon your game will appear on OBS window.

Step 5: It is time to start your steaming.

Without Capture Card:

If you want to record 3DS gameplay without a capture card then you may need NTR CFW streaming software on your device. It is a custom firmware that can help to handle the streaming process with ease. Follow these steps to complete the process:

Step 1: First of all you need to get your NTR CFW and then install it. Adjust all settings and reserve the IP address for 3DS.

Step 2: Now simply connect your N3ds with computer to initiate the broadcasting process.

Step 3: It is time to start playing your game and the streaming process will begin on connected PC.

Note that it is essential to have a static IP address for your 3DS during this process. So prefer to make a wireless connection to your 3ds system and then check specific IP address. Start 3ds setup and then using manual connection setup option you have to search for access point. Select a new connection and enter your reserved IP address so that it can be fixed. This IP address will assist you in streaming every time you make connection with internet via 3DS. This process may appear little complicated for beginners but once you are able to adjust all settings then streaming becomes much easier.

There are so many games that automatically disable Wi-Fi on console, it will lead to an interruption in your streaming process. To handle this, simply connect manually to your Wi-Fi system.

While launching your NTR CFW software on 3ds you must get a prompt saying that NTR CFW has been booted successfully. Once it is done then chose enable debugger option and 3ds will get ready to broadcast.

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