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The rise of the Internet has enabled us to share large amounts of data faster than ever before. The availability of information seems to be one of the most important topics in the age of digital information. Simultaneously with the widespread of the informational network, an entire generation of software has emerged that enable us to share our knowledge with people worldwide. Screencasting is a term that was used for the first time in 2004 to describe computer screen output that is recorded and uploaded on the Internet. Software tutorials, gameplay streams and countless other forms of broadcasts that simply record and share our activities on our desktop have become vastly popular in the last few years. Let's take a look at some the best screen recorders for Mac that will allow you to share anything you wish with millions of people.

1.QuickTime 2.OBS 3.VLC 4.Monosnap 5.iShowu 6.Screenflick
7.Snapz Pro X 8.Snagit 9.Filmora 10.Screenium 11.ScreenFlow 12.Camtasia



There have been only a few software products over the years as widely accepted and as famous as the QuickTime. Since its first introduction in 1991, this amazing program has found its way to millions of users and became an essential piece of software no Mac user can imagine living without. The little-known fact is that the QuickTime is one of the best screen recorders for Mac on the market. If you would just like to capture a picture of your desktop or record a Skype call, this is the software you should use. However, if you are looking for more advanced options like timeline editing you should probably use some other software that is more adjusted to that task. QuickTime is an excellent multipurpose software that supports almost all video and audio formats and it can prove very useful in case you want to capture or record your activities on your computer.

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The Open Broadcaster Software or OBS is an open source software that allows you to record and broadcast live streams. It is free to use and it comes with a number of plug-ins that expand its capabilities. OBS is one of the best screen recorders for Mac ever invented, but using it requires some previous knowledge and experience. For that reason, Mac users who would just like to use the basic screen recording features are better suited with the less complex software. However, OBS is an excellent choice for people who want to create tutorials of all kinds or gamers who want to share their expertise live while they are in the gameplay. If you would like to edit the footage recorded with OBS, you must use a different software because The Open Broadcaster Software doesn't have the editing feature. It does offer basic audio editing properties, but it is probably better to use a more advanced audio editing software if you would like to achieve maximum results.

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Although it achieved its fame as a media player, VLC is a powerful screen recording tool that allows you to capture and record any desktop activity you can think of. It is ranked among the best screen recorders in the world because of its ability to record video in different formats and it allows its users to choose the format that best serves their needs. It is worth noting that VLC is mainly a media player, therefore it is not a software that allows you to edit the recorded footage. Part of its acclaim comes from the fact that VLC is very easy to use and even the people with no computer literacy can master it without difficulty. The software can be downloaded for free, but keep in mind that it might require some codecs in order to function properly. If you are just getting acquainted with this fast developing trend, VLC is a perfect place to start, since it has all the essential features you will need to create your first screen recording.

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This is a relatively young software that became known as the screen capture tool. Although it has the option for recording video and system audio it is hardly the right choice for that purpose. Monosnap is first and foremost a screen capture software that allows you to capture still images effortlessly and upload them quickly onto the cloud. In addition, you can add annotations to the images and highlight details you deem important. This an easy to operate software designed for users who want to create screen captions fast and without much trouble. On the other hand, Monosnap isn't the software for advanced users because it lacks many of the features that are absolutely necessary for high-quality screen captures and recordings. Its compatibility with numerous Mac OS place it among the best and most useful screen capture software for Apple computers.

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In this faced paced world we are living in, speed is important to most of us. iShowu screen recording software is created with the purpose of bringing to you your recorded videos as fast as possible. It is elegantly designed to enable the user to get around the software with ease, but it takes some time to learn how to use it properly. Although iShowu has video and pan-and-zoom properties it is better to edit your footage by using software that provides you with more editing options. This is one of the best screen recorders for Mac because it is suitable for a vast array of purposes. iShowu is a powerful screen recorder that will enable you to capture and record important information and share it with the online community. Despite all the advantages, this software offers, it still lacks some of the more advanced features like scheduled recording or audio editing.

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This is an exceptional utility for software trainers and screencasts. Screenflick can capture videos at up to 30fps and in addition, it can record any portion of the screen which can at times be quite useful. Furthermore, you can choose whether you want to record sound with external or internal microphones or just the system audio. Its biggest advantage over other similar screen recorders is that it allows you to compress a video as many times you like, which means that you can create a video file of different sizes with this software. With Screenflick you don't even have to be present at the time of the recording, you can simply schedule a recording session and the program will do the rest. However, its editing potential is somewhat limited, but this doesn't change the fact that this is one the best screen recorders for Mac on the market. 

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Snapz Pro X

Snapz Pro X was one of the first screen recording software products for Apple computers. It was launched by Ambrosia Software in 1996 and within the first decade of its presence on the market, it has been dubbed as one of the best screen recorders for Mac. As the time passed Snapz Pro X failed to keep up with the competition and today it is not the first option for most Apple users. It is priced at $69 which is a bit too much for a software that doesn't offer much more than basic screen recording options. Its biggest disadvantage is that it has no editing features, it is a recording software that requires you to have an editing program on your computer if you want to cut and edit the footage you recorded. Snapz Pro X is still amazing for capturing short video, but the practice shows that it is not best suited for longer video recordings.

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Although it was originally designed for Microsoft Windows operating systems, the recent versions of Snagit are compatible with Mac's OS. It was launched by the TechSmith corporation in 1990 and it is available in several languages, including English, German and Japanese. Snagit is highly praised for the capture quality it is able to produce as well as for its easy to use interface. The software allows its users to perform basic editing actions like cut and paste, but it lacks the audio editing options. The users of one of the best screen recorders for Mac can choose which part of the screen they want to record and the software also gives them the ability to schedule a recording session when they unable to be next to their computers. Although Snagit is a bit pricey it is a perfect screen recording software for beginners and experienced users alike. 

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Filmora is basically a video editing software with a lot of features that allow users to record and stream video. The software allows you to record, enhance and manipulate the footage in almost any way you like. You can record video games, audio or create screenshots with ease because Filmora is easy to use software with a simple interface. It is one of the best if not the best screen recorder for Mac because even someone who never edited a video before can learn how to use it in a short period of time. It would be a mistake to compare it with professional video editing software like Final Cut Pro or Vegas Pro because Filmora just isn't as good. However, it is a powerful free screen recording software that is capable of producing stunning image quality fast and effortlessly.

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Yet another excellent screen recorder that comes at an affordable price. It is easy to use and it offers a wide range of properties that will allow you to create stunning recordings of your desktop activities. The app allows users to choose between full screen or single-window modes depending on their demands. Screenium records audio from both external and internal microphones as well as the system audio and it also enables you to edit both sound and video. The software can record video at up to 60FPS and is compatible with ultra HD 4K and 5K displays. Screenium is most definitely one of the best screen recorders for Mac and it is a great choice for those who are looking for a way to create a great online tutorial or an amazing video of a game they are playing. Perhaps the biggest downside of this otherwise amazing software is that it doesn't support many of the common file formats. 

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When ScreenFlow first became available for purchase, it was among the best screen recorders for Mac. Since then, this program has developed into a first class video editing software that allows you to do almost everything you can do in a professional editing software like Final Cut Pro. Alongside its amazing screen recording abilities, ScreenFlow allows you to capture videos from cameras, Smartphones, and camcorders. The users can choose from a huge library of video effects, add text to the images that highlight important details or add transitions. Although its interface is really easy to use, SceenFlow isn't aimed at the people who have little to no previous knowledge about screen recording or video editing. The fact that ScreenFlow won the prestigious Macworld award in 2008 speaks volumes about how good this program really is and it is safe to say that today, almost ten years after the award it is still one of the best screen recorders for Mac. 

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Camtasia for Mac is a software suite specifically designed for creating video tutorials and presentations via screencasts. The software allows you to record sound while the video recording session is in progress which makes it a rather useful tool for recording narration during the presentation. The users can freely choose which part of the screen they want to record and the software allows you to pan-and-zoom during the broadcast. The raw footage is captured in CAMREC format which is readable only by Camtasia, but videos can be exported in almost any of the frequently used video file formats such as AVI or MPEG-4. The editing features of the software are remarkable, and the users can choose from a variety of options that enable them to create professional looking content. Camtasia is, without a doubt, one of the best screen recorders for Mac that provides the best user experience the money can buy. Using this software requires you to have previous knowledge about editing and screen recording as it isn't aimed at the users who are just starting to learn the basics.

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