Best Screen Recorder for Mac

By Apr 19,2017 17:41 pm

Are you looking for a screen recorder for Mac? Here are some of the best screen recorders for Mac and get ready to learn their major features, including the pros and even the cons.

Paid Screen Recorder for Mac

If you are looking for a good screen recorder, you can try any of the following paid screen recorders. The following are some of the best screen recorders that you would be able to get at a price that you can surely afford. Here are some of the most important details that you need to learn about them:

1. ScreenFlow($99)

ScreenFlow comes with a powerful record and editing feature. It can record from iOS device directly and the video will be so easy to share. The cost is relatively high, not additional resource like filmora or camtasia. You can use this one to record any portion of your monitor whilst you also capture a video cam, iOS gadget, multi-channel audio tool, computer audio or a microphone. This platform comes with a simple to use editing interface that will allow you to creatively revise and edit your video, and also to add some extra images, music, text, transitions or animations for a much more professional looking screencast that you will surely love.

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2. Camtasia ($199)

Another good example of a paid screen recorder is the Camtasia that you can get for only $199. It is an easy to use platform that comes with a lot of features and benefits to its users. This one actually covers almost all features that you want for a screen recorder. Just like the previous one, it is also easy to use so you do not need to be a techie so that you can truly take advantage of this platform. It as well comes with a very powerful editing feature though it is quite expensive. Also, another disadvantage in this platform is that it is not suitable for game recording and that there is no free upgrade. But overall, it is a good tool for screen recording.

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Free Screen Recorder for Mac

So what about if you don’t have extra money in your pocket to get a good paid screen recorder? You should not worry at all because you can still get some good options with excellent features without spending a dime. The following are the best free screen recorders that you can try today:

1. Quick Time Player

This one is absolutely free to download and use. It can be used to make a long video as it does not limit the amount of time it can record the scenes. It comes with some basic editing function and it is guaranteed easy to use but it cannot adjust the audio volume. The videos that you can create using this tool will be limited to output mov file format. There is no chance for advanced editing feature and it cannot record system audio. Overall, it is still a good screen recorder.

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2. Filmora for mac

Filmora has been known for its ease of use. With this platform, the recording features are free and it comes with a very powerful and efficient editing feature. It comes with a lot of great useful and efficient resource to download. You can also upgrade the version that you have for free, but the only problem is that it can’t record mobile device. All in all, it is good device for screen recording that you can get at a very low price.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

3. Open Broadcaster Software

It is also free and it is the open source software that you can get now today over the web. It has a very powerful and efficient recording feature and it can be used by gamers as it has the capacity to record games though one of its drawback is that it does not comes with editing feature. You will also need to spend some time first to master using it correctly.

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4. VLC

It is free, open source software that comes with a powerful video player as well as a video recorder but it is not easy to use. It needs special setting and there is no editing feature.

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For basic users who don’t need extra editing features, filmora and all the free screen recorders are all suitable. They have quick time player and filmora comes with intuitive interface. These options are all best for all users. You just need to choose the one that has the features that will fit with your needs.

For those who need edit video after recording, they can choose the screen recording tool that is right for them to use according to their budgets. All of the 3 paid screen recorders are good and easy to use while Filmora and Camtasia have more online resource for making great videos. 

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