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How to Record Screen with Audio on Windows 7

Mar 29,2018• Proven solutions

The Windows computer is used by many people where Windows 7 is one most popularly used version of Windows. Many times, the users wish to record videos or execute screen recording on Windows 7 but they feel perplexed since they don’t find themselves well-aware about recording screen along with the sound. In other words, we can say when the users export the video; they find the output without any audio. This is why; here we are going to explain how to record screen with audio by using Filmora scrn that will be ideal to use when your desire lies in recording your screen with audio.

The Ultimate Solution to Record Screen with Audio: Filmora Scrn

Filmora Scrn is powerful enough to take all your trouble for no audio and promises to give out the best results with both screen and audio recorded. This screen recorder takes a few steps and a little time recording your screen that lets even the non-tech savvy people capturing videos themselves without any hassle. Filmora Scrn contains some very powerful video editing features that help in making the video even better.

The features include changeable cursor effects(lets you to adjust shape, size and color of cursor), annotations (adds texts and various other elements), tutorial features (helping in drawing circles or arrows for explaining purpose) and many more. We will now provide you with the step guide on how you can use this screen recorder to get the screen recorded with audio in your Windows 7. Scroll down to grasp the tutorial.

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How to Record Screen with Audio on Windows 7 Using Filmora Scrn

Here in this section we are going to demonstrate how to capture screen with audio with the help of Filmore Scrn. But before moving on to guide, let us make you aware about the very interesting and helpful features. With the best screen recorder Filmora Scrn you have the privilege to record the audio in a screen recording video during a video call or while narrating instructions when making tutorial videos. Let’s understand how to setup your Filmora Scrn and then to record video with sounds as well.

Step 1 – Head to the Setup Window

After installation, launch the software and click on "Get Started". You’ll then be directed to a window where you’ll see 4 different tabs in Set up interface – "Screen, Audio, Camera & Advanced". Here in these tabs you can customize your recording settings, for instance frame rate, recording region, source for the audio stream and also to setup hot keys for your convenience.

filmora scrn record screen with audio

Step 2 – Selecting the Audio Tab

Now, since you wish to record audio on Windows 7 with your screen recording, hit on the “Audio” tab out of the 4 tabs available. Here you will see two Audio Sources – “Computer Audio & Microphone”. Next to each option there is a drop down menu where you can set your preference whether you wish to record audio from Computer Audio or Microphone. Set “Don’ Capture” next to either from which you do not wish to record the Audio.

filmora scrn

Now that you are satisfied with the settings, you are ready to start off with recording your computer screen along with the preferred audio source. You’ll be able to see a button that says “Capture” on the bottom right corner. Now, it’s the time to get your screen recording with sound done. Hit the Capture button and you will have a console popping up on your screen along with a customizable selection window.

Step 3 – Set the Capturing Region

If you wish to record the full screen video simple hit “Shift + F” to set the customizable selection window to full screen or simply just stretch the corners till the extreme end from all 4 sides in order to record a full screen video. Or, if you wish to record a specific area of the screen set the selector window over to that area.

Once satisfied with the selection, hit on the big “Record” button available on the console. Or alternatively, you can hit “F10” to initiate recording of the video. The Filmora Scrn program then count down for 3 seconds and start off recording audio.

filmora scrn

Step 4 – Pause or Stop the Screen Capturing

If in case at any point of time during the video, you may wish to pause the recording, you just have to simple push the “F9” key on your keyboard or hit the “Pause” button on the Filmora Scrn console, alternatively. Also, to resume capturing the video, hit “F9” again.

If you are done with capturing the screen from your preferred audio source, simply hit the F10 key on your keyboard to stop recording and the recorded video will be imported to the Video Editor media bin for further editing.

filmora scrn

Step 5 – Edit the Recorded Audio

You can click the recorded video in the Media bin under Video Editor mode to check if the system audio or microphone is recorded successfully. If everything is OK, you can use the Express Export to export the recorded video and audio. If you find any noise in the recorded audio, you can reduce the background noise with the Donoise feature ; or, if you find that you have missed some voice narration during recording, you can add the voiceover when you editing the video footage. What's more, you can add fade in and fade out effects to the recorded video and audio with a simple drag.

Noise Reduction

Step 6 – Exporting the Video

After editing the recorded video and audio file you can save it to various formats such as MOV, MP4, GIF or simply a MP3 file; you can also upload the recorded video and audio file to your YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or Twitch directly. The Export feature also allows you to customize the frame rate, bit rate and resoultion.

filmora scrn


At this point, we are going to conclude this post with a great hope that we could help you out by giving information on the best screen recorder with audio and you are out of the confusion now. Filmora Scrn has made it easy to record the screen with sound on your Windows 7. In addition, the software also comes with the ability to support the video editing functions with powerful editing suite. You can make a comment to us and share your experience using Fiilmora Scrn.

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