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How to Record Your Webcam with VLC

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

About VLC

Originating in 1996, VideoLan software started as a client to VideoLAN project. Although no longer a client, this media player has been redesigned to work with every type of platform from windows, android, apple, etc. The VLC media player gives you the the ability to play almost any video contents. Having the capabilities to play everything, It is capable to stream over different networks, transcode files and save them in assorted formats.


Steps to record webcam with VLC

1. Start by opening the VLC media player. Open your media menu, clicking on the Open Capture Device or you can do this by pressing Ctrl + C.

2. When the pop-up window opens, Capture mode should be in the DirectShow. Selecting one of the devices or if you only have one installed leave it in Default. Selecting the audio the same way unless you are planning on just recording video then in the audio option select None. If you have not installed an external webcam you can leave these in Default.

3. Leaving the settings in Default will give you the best results. But if you would like to adjust, you have the options in Advanced Options. Once you have the video and audio selected, click on the Play drop down button and select the Convert option.

4. Lastly, select the destination file and name it. Leave the profile setting for Video + MP3 set for video and audio recording and click Start.

The best alternative of VLC to record webcam

Wanting to try an alternative to the VLC media player? Previously known as Wondershare Video Editor, DemoCreator is the best alternative software that give you free use to record webcam. Literally all you have to do is complete the step by step process.

Using these step by step set ups, Filmora scrn will be completely set up for record webcam.

1.Make sure to download the Filmora scrn and install it. You have to do this in order to actually open and use the software.

2.Begin by locating and starting the Filmora scrn. Once opened select Get Started.


3.When the window opens, preset what you want to realize.


4.When everything is done, click Capture. Once you have come to the end of recording, click the stop button.

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