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How to Stream iOS Android Screen, Games or Apps to Facebook Live

Use Omlet Arcade to Stream your Games or Apps to Facebook Live

Omlet Arcade is one of the most advanced and useful application tool that can assist users for their recording and live streaming needs for all popular mobile friendly video games like Clash Royale, Pokemon Go and Minecraft etc. Using this well designed software platform, gamers can easily share their interesting videos with wide range of audience over YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. You will love to explore its minecraft map sharing ability by just sharing the link with friends whereas it is also possible to add different useful tools to your favorite game: Pokemon Go.

Get your Application now: Android ; iOS:

Pricing: It is available for free.

Key Features:
  • Chat feature is enabled for improving social fun experience.
  • Omlet allows users to discover all new exciting games.
  • You can follow your friends and their streamed content easily.
  • It supports watch live stream feature.
  • Users can easily join an interactive community.
  • It helps gamers to stay up to date with all latest information about new games.
  • Supports live streaming.
  • Users have reported random crashes with this application.

Use Screen Stream Over HTTP to Stream to Facebook:

Pricing: Free

You might have heard about one of the recently launched interactive live streaming applications - Screen Stream Over HTTP. This application assists users to view device screen directly on web browser. Some of the most common usage of this advanced software application is to show device screen during demos or presentations. You will be happy to know that it does not clutter your device screen with pop ups and advertisements. If you want to live stream on android then you can use OBS or some other desktop supporting broadcasting software tool to make your screen facebook live.

Key Features:
  • It makes use of MJPEG for encoding screen images.
  • Can work with almost all latest mobile browsers and desktops solutions.
  • This interactive software application works in standalone manner.
  • It works only with active Wi-Fi connection; you need to form a network connection between device and client.
  • It offers limited numbers of client connections and causes major loads on your CPU for data transfers.

Stream with Bluestacks:

It is possible to use Bluestacks for streaming android applications with facebook live facility. Bluestacks provides so many intuitive controls along with its interactive user platform. Bluestack is actually an android emulator that works perfectly with Android 4.4.2 KitKat. The one click type live stream option of this application makes everything much easier for beginners and the uploaded videos stays over internet as long as you delete them. Although it can play most of the popular games well but few limitations on software platform will cause difficulties to beginners.

  • It works with all popular games.
  • Never demand too much RAM.
  • Users find it easy to install and use.
  • Cons
  • You need to pay $2 per month to get its actual version or it will keep on installing lots of random apps on your system.
  • You will not be able to have direct control over home screen applications.
  • Laggy and buggy performance.
  • It lacks somewhere in Android interface.
By Liza Brown | Nov 27,2017 14:07 pm