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11 Tricks for Facebook Video Marketing to Drive More Traffic

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 26, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

Social media video is becoming the norm today, be it Facebook or any other platform. With more than 1.9 billion monthly users on Facebook, these videos have a wide audience.

Facebook video marketing is imperative for promoting your business and makes your online presence felt. Keeping this fact in mind, Facebook is focusing more on video content to be adapted within their algorithm and enabling features like auto-play. In this post, we will tell you how to do Facebook video marketing.

10 tips for Facebook video marketing

1. Facebook Live video is a trend

Since last year, the average time for consuming Facebook Live videos has increased four-fold. Reports from Facebook’s research reveal that video content is consumed five times more than static content by the users.

Facebook Live has taken things to a new level. As soon as you go live on Facebook, your friends and followers/subscribers get notifications automatically.

Facebook video marketing seems great where you can live interact with your consumers about your products/services or a promotional event. You get feedbacks, suggestions for improvements, or outright praise from them.

facebook live video

2. Upload Videos Directly to Facebook rather than YouTube

Though videos on YouTube usually get views but uploading directly on to Facebook would bring more viewership for your social media video.

Videos on Facebook perform better than other platforms for video sharing denotes a popular source. Apart from that compared to photo and other graphic posts, videos receive a whopping 135% higher organic search on Facebook.

Facebook marketing videos are becoming the strongest confidants of business owners nowadays due to these facts.

The default auto-play feature even makes things lot better, as people stop by to watch at least 5-6 seconds of the video while scrolling down and get hooked to it, without even searching for it.

The video view counter helps you estimate the way your viral video fared. You can understand users’ behavior to understand their needs and what can you do to bring them to you again.

upload video to facebook

3. Keep your Facebook video short

Like text content, your Facebook Marketing video should also be crisp and short. Video with a fresh and fascinatingly entertaining content becomes a potential viral video. Creating them in widely used language (such as English) would garner more popularity sans the cultural or geographical background of a person.

Shorter videos between 2 minutes effectively perform in comparison to longer versions. But, ensure that the gist of your message should be delivered within that time frame. Make the video so understandable and connecting, that words just add charm to it and not solely define it.

facebook video short

4. Shoot Facebook video vertically

A majority of Facebook users watch videos on their mobile phone or tablets. So shooting your social media video in vertical mode is pleasing to the eyes, while viewing it on a mobile. Portrait (vertically-aligned) videos have a better hit rate compared to horizontal shots. Keeping that in mind, make sure to create your new videos in a mobile friendly manner.

facebook vidoe vertical

5. Feature a Video on Facebook Page

Just like featured photos on the about section of your Facebook page, you can add your Facebook marketing video as a featured video. When people love your video they keep on sharing it to their near and dear ones, be it about anything.

It will make your video get popular and go viral as well in case it gets shared fast in a large number. Ensure that the video has a prominent thumbnail on your about page.

You can use it to promote an event, launch a product or service, or a teaser about some upcoming surprises. The clearer it gets on your page, the more clicks you will get from the audience.

feature video facebook

6. Carefully choose thumbnail

Well! We have just said about the thumbnail on your Facebook video. The social media video you upload on Facebook will garner more viewership with a suitable and attractive thumbnail.

When there is a weak internet connection, the videos on Facebook might not auto-play; they would display a static image there. Don’t exceed the 90 characters Ad copy limit for the thumbnail, in case your video has text on it. Try to keep it as less as you can to adhere to Facebook’s 20% text policy.

facebook thumbnail

7. Leverage Facebook 360 Videos

Facebook introduced 360 videos are a rage among the users. Keeping virtual reality in mind, Facebook launched this feature to improve communication and social interaction.

With a social media video shot with Facebook 360-degree feature, your viewers will connect more with your story and the experience you are sharing. For shooting an event and taking panoramic views 360-videos serve the best result.

These videos can be rotated, paned, and can be viewed from any angle they desire. They are loved 40 percent more than the traditional videos.

facebook 360 video

8. Mobile friendly

Being the perfect partner to kill time, while waiting for someone, travelling alone, or in the queue in a supermarket, mobile phones certainly have more attention than other gadgets.

So, Facebook marketing videos need to cash on this aspect. These videos need to be mobile-friendly, means they have to be short and aligned to fit any mobile screen size without pixellating. Adverts that scored high for mobiles have the following aspects –

  • Easy to understandable message, even without any audio.
  • Most part of the video concentrates on the product or service.
  • The visuals identify the brand clearly
  • Voiceover supports the visuals.
mobile friendly

9. Posting time is important

Knowing the right time to post your social media video on Facebook or any other social media platform is vital.

People from diverse backgrounds or field of work consume different video content. You might have heard that Wednesdays are great for business related videos.

There are tools to study the statistics and analyze the most favorable time for posting your Facebook marketing video. You can use them to determine what’s your time to post and get more viewership.

facebook posting time

10. Add call to action

Adding a call to action in your video is vital. Without a call to action, viewers might watch and forget a video and the message you are conveying will be lost.

You need to build the base, ask them to like, share, or comment on your Facebook videos or even push them gently to visit your website, check out the products/service. You can add a link using or to cut-short the link and guide them for more information about your services.

facebook call to action

11. Choose a suitable video creator

Creating attractive videos is a key to make success in Facebook video marketing. So you will need to have a suitable video editor to help you. There are quite a few choices in marketing now, such as Adobe Premiere Pro. However, there is a better choice for most average users - Filmora Video Editor , which provides powerful video editing features and huge transitions, effects, and filters resources.

To know more about Filmora Video Editor, visit its page:

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Final Verdict

Facebook marketing videos would gain more focus and fan following, if you make use of the above mentioned points while creating it. A significant point here is, in case you are not uploading a live video, then use a top-notch video editing software to create an amazingly interesting video and see your fan following increase multifold. You can also use Filmora to eidt video for fitting Facebook square video