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AI Music Generator

  • Generate musical masterpieces for commercial use in seconds.
  • Choose between different genres and adapt to any style.
  • Seamlessly select music and sound effects with filtering features.
  • Create music for different types of videos and content.
Win 11 /Win 10 / Win 8 / Win7 (64 bit OS) | System Requirements
macOS 10.15 - macOS 14 (10.14 or earlier? Click here) | Apple M1 & M2 compatible

Filmora AI Music Generator - Your Personal Music Producer

No need to worry about musical choices, you can freely use anything our AI Music Generator makes. Bottom line, this saves you money and time, and gives you all the inspiration you need to create mesmerizing content.

Get Highly Compatible Background Music for Your Videos in Seconds

Filmora’s AI Music Generator will follow the mood you’ve selected, and start making the most compatible background music for any type of video that you’ve created. It can make sure to fill the void that your video has been missing with the right sounds and elements.

Never Look for Royalty-Free Music Ever Again

The number one problem that Filmora’s AI Music Generator aims to solve is the royalty-free issue that comes when it’s time to find music for your videos. More often than not, you’re forced to pay for the license to use various types of songs and sounds you find online. Well, you can say goodbye to that and let Filmora’s AI Music Generator create as many custom songs for you as you want.

Choose Your Style and Watch the Magic Happen

When it’s time to find the perfect background music for your video, Filmora’s AI Music Generator allows you to choose from a few different music themes. You will always have something compatible to choose from based on what genres of video you’ve created. The result is that you always get the perfect music to match the video’s mood, enhancing the viewer experience significantly.

Edit Your Music Creation When It’s Done

If there are some parts of your new background music you don’t like, you can freely cut those out later. Additionally, you can always try recreating your AI masterpiece in hopes that next time it will be a better fit for your video. Eventually, you’ll get a mesmerizing music clip that will emotionally elevate your video through the roof.

Generate Music for Your Videos From Anywhere

If you have a new video for which you need music to post on social media quickly, you can download and use the Filmora mobile app and be done in minutes. This is perfect when you're on vacation and need royalty-free music for your videos. You can use the Filmora app on both iOS and Android.

Generate Royalty-Free Music in Filmora

Create Royalty-Free Music in Any Scene



Content Creators, especially social media content creators, know how important it is to have the right background music for the right type of video. AI Music Generator eliminates this problem completely by providing you various options for an appropriate background music.
Music Producers

Music Producers

As a music producer for videos or movies, it can often get very difficult to get inspired even after watching the video you’re presented with. Now, you can get tons of inspiration by allowing Filmora’s AI Music Producer to generate countless samples for you to work on and perfect them from there.


As a streamer, it’s exceptionally restricted to use royalty-free music on your stream. As a solution, you can use the AI Music Generator by Filmora to insert one of your streams and have it generate the perfect soundtrack and background music anytime, anywhere. You can adjust its length and be good to go in minutes.
App and Game Developers

App and Game Developers

If you’re creating an application or a video game, you definitely need your own original music that is not royalty-free by anyone else. In order not to waste time on finding musicians and paying even more, you can let Filmora’s AI Music Generator create unique and compatible background music based on footage from your game or app.

FAQs for AI Music Generator

Filmora's AI Music Generator is a cutting-edge tool that automatically creates music tracks for your videos. It allows you to easily add AI-generated and high-quality music that matches the mood of your content.
The AI Music Generator analyzes your chosen mood, theme, genre and tempo of the music, and then generates music tracks that complement these settings. It uses advanced techniques to produce music that aligns seamlessly with your video.
Filmora's AI Music Generator supports a wide range of music styles and genres, from cinematic and dramatic to upbeat and energetic. You can find music that suits virtually any video project.
Absolutely! You can use the AI Music Generator with both new and existing video projects in Filmora. Simply import your video, and the AI will create a music track tailored to your content.
Filmora's AI Music Generator can produce a single music track ranging from 20 seconds to 6 minutes. You can easily adjust the length of the music by editing and combining multiple tracks.
AI Music Generator is available in version 13 of Filmora. Check the version comparison or update your software to access this feature and enhance your videos with AI-generated music.
Not all AI-generated music can be used commercially, and the music generated by Filmora AI Music Generator only supports Youtube commercial channels.

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Filmora is a great video editing software. It's fast, user-friendly, and has a lot of advanced features that can keep you satisfied for a long time. Whenever I make a video, I discover new tools or find new ways to use the tools I already know. Plus, it's a good deal.
Filmora is a software that is reasonably priced and receives regular updates to improve its performance. The rendering speed is fast, which is helpful for meeting deadlines. The software has a drag-and-drop interface and a range of tools and features, making it user-friendly. It includes basic editing tools, advanced features, and AI tools, allowing users to create semi-professional or professional-looking videos without much video editing experience.
Filmora is a user-friendly video editing software that provides a lot of flexibility in editing. The layers are easy to modify and the template gallery is very helpful for enhancing creativity.
Helen J
The user interface is great, and I didn't need any tutorials to start using it. I think I'll use this instead of my other video editing programs.