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Best Wedding Invitation Video Makers

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

Surprise your friends and family members with wedding invitation videos that look as if they were produced by a big studio, even if they were created on your computer.

Almost every girl in the world dreams about her perfect wedding, and has plans for this special day. Of course, inviting guests is an important task that can greatly impact how the wedding day looks. The time when people received paper invitations is gone – these days it's a trend to inform all guests through customized wedding invitation videos. Every couple can make a unique invitation and surely make the big day even more gorgeous. In this article, you can learn everything about the best and most widely used free and paid wedding invitation makers.

Part 1: Best Wedding Invitation Video Makers for Windows and Mac

No matter which type of device or operating system you prefer, there is a wide choice of great video making tools that will serve you well. Here are some of the best wedding invitation video makers that deserve your attention:

1. Wondershare Filmora X

With this software, you can turn your videos into real masterpieces, very easily and quickly. There are more than 800 amazing effects, and about as many ways to show your creativity. You can add Hollywood-style effects to your wedding invitation in almost all video formats, write romantic text, and choose great music. You can use this wedding invitations video maker on a Windows PC computer or Mac. Your videos can be burned to DVDs, or directly uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo, or save to the local computer.

Download Filmora  Win Version Download Filmora   Mac Version

The software includes video visual effects libraries loaded with pre-recorded scenes, animations, and transitions. Associating background music with every scene of your wedding invitation will make it even more special and romantic. You can add the title templates, transition templates, filters, AR stickers, overlays, and lovely elements to the invitation video.

2. Windows 10 Photos

This editor provides a way to instantly create a video from selected photos and videos, and it is already included in your Windows installation. You can scroll through to the old albums and locate interesting pictures which you may have forgotten, select some of them, and let this practical software do its magic. With Windows 10 Photos editor you can change filters, introduce camera motions, input text, music, and 3D effects. You can crop and rotate photos, adjust lighting and colors, trim video clips, and perform a wide variety of other actions.

Windows 10 Photos App Wedding Invitation Video Editing

Since Windows 10 Photos can be synced with OneDrive, photos and videos from all your devices will be stored in one place. This is very convenient when you are trying to create a deeply personal and very engaging video invitation for a special event. In short, this free wedding invitation maker provides a lot of possibilities for everyone to be creative and surprise friends and family with beautiful and dynamic multimedia clips!

3. Wondershare Filmii

If you decide to use this marriage invitation video maker, it will empower you to create incredible things in as little as three minutes in any style you need. Wondershare Filmii is just perfect for those who need to share videos with different aspect ratios on social media platforms - vertical videos for TikTok, horizontal videos for YouTube, and square videos for Instagram.

Filmii Wedding Invitation Video Editing

A lot of various templates are at your disposal to make a good invitation for any occasion: wedding, birthday, or a business event. Filmii comes with a lot of great visual effects, and includes tools that will allow you to improve the quality of raw footage. The freedom afforded by this amazing editor lets you include bits of your hobies, feelings, and dear memories into a fantastic video invitation that will make a deep impression upon its audience. This product is available for Windows users only, and is very affordable with a free trial and a monthly payment plan costing just $9.99.


This free wedding invitation video maker can help you to stabilize and synchronize shots made with subpar equipment, and combine them into that will delight everyone. You can bring your idea to perfection using its built-in tools for sound improvment, voice recording, color correction, and all other tasks related to making a cool video invitation. VSDC also offers a collection of attractive modern effects and filters that can add an edge to the final version.

VSDC Wedding Invitation Video Editing

Free version of this professional editing suite is free to download, while more experienced users can work in an advanced version of VSDC Pro.Using advanced settings gives video or invitation a more professional look. There is a huge range of tools available, soyYou can combine multiple images into one collage composition, or play around with a split-screen and picture-in-picture effects.

One of the hidden advantages of this wedding invitation video maker is that can be used on old computers with reasonable success, especially if your photos and videos are not in HD resolution.

5. Adobe Spark

Widely regarded as one of the best free invitation makers, Adobe Spark is an excellent choice regardless of your experience level or preferred visual style. It is so simple to use that it allows regular people to create invitations that look as if they were designed by professionals. To make things even better, it works on mobile platforms just as well as on a computer, so you can even create an invitation from your phone!

Adobe Spark Wedding Invitation Video Editing

Adobe Spark has incredible typography, as well as hundreds of free images which provide you great opportunity to personalize each video. The quickest way to put together a nice wedding invitation video is to pick a theme that has the right visual style, and insert a combination of private footage and online images into it. Finalize your project with cool transitions and romantic music and it will be ready for sharing in just minutes.

Part 2: How to Make a Wedding Invitation Video in Filmora X?

In Filmora X you can create a beautiful wedding invitation video with a minimum of effort. You just need to follow a simple procedure, and customize your video with advanced features.

  1. Start with opening a new project and import your video clips, photos, and audios in the media library.

Filmora Making Wedding Invitation Video

  1. Use the Beat Detection feature to detect beats in the audio, so we can make the images sync to the beats easier. Here, I use the Happy Hall track in Filmora built-in audio library.
  2. Drag and drop the audio file to the audio track in the timeline, and then add the opener of the wedding intro video. Filmora provides the title opener templates, and you can use the search feature to find all wedding-related openers. Choose the one that you like most and then place it to the video track. (Here I use the Wedding pop up pack Opener 01)

Filmora Add Opener too Wedding Invitation Video

  1. Now, you need to customize the opener and change the information in the opener, like the name of bride and bridegroom, the date and the location.

 Customize Wedding Invitation Video

  1. Finally, it’s time to add the image and video to the video track, showing the wedding stories and the environment. Don’t forget to add the outro at the end of the video, emphasizing the date and the location.

There are practically endless possibilities. You can play with music, text, photos, shadows, lighting, and a lot of other factors. The images can be in linear order, or form a mosaic, combine them in a piece of art. This way you will create a truly enchanting wedding video invitation that will delight all the invited guests – especially your loved ones. After finished your great work, you can show them people from all over the world putting them on YouTube, or any social media.

Of course, you can preview everything, and modify any element if the video still doesn’t fit your vision. Make sure to save the file after each step, so you can easily go back to an earlier version if the changes don’t hit the target.

Here is a sample wedding invitation video that I made. To be honest, I love the new V10.5 version, since I can now download and preview the titles during editing without going to the Filmstock effect store again.

Download Filmora  Win Version Download Filmora   Mac Version

Part 3: Best Wedding Invitation Video Maker App on Android and iPhone

1. Video Invitation Maker: Video Ecard & invites

  Wedding Invitation Video App for Android

Video Invitation Card Maker gives you multiple options to create your marriage invitation video from your smartphone. In an instant, you can make an impressive personalized invitation, with a minimum effort or technical knowledge. Your ideas can be turned into reality with the help of practical built-in templates, while you can personalize all fonts and colors in line with your creative vision. To make the video invitation stand out even more, you can use stickers, HD backgrounds, cool effects… This Android app supports different aspect ratios, making its output well suited for every social media platform.

2. Evite

When you install Evite on your phone, you can choose from thousands of digital invitations for any occasion. It won’t take you more than a minute to customize the event title, time, location, and add links to the invitation. Some of the advanced features include the possibility to personalize input from your camera roll, and track RSVPs in real-time, including confirmation of who has viewed the invitation. The free version of Evite can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, while Evite Premium and Evite Pro ensure an ad-free experience for your guests. 

  Wedding Invitation Video App - Evite

Part 4: Tips for Creating a Wedding Invitation Video

If you decide to use some of the wedding invitations video makers, you can probably benefit from good tips and ideas how to make a better video. Here are some areas to pay attention to if you want to improve the quality of the video without hiring professionals:

1. Choose your words wisely

Every couple cares about some romantic details – how they met, where he proposed to her, what hobbies they practice together... Keep in mind that you have limited space for text, and include only the most important details in the invitation. Don’t forget to include names, times, and places, or otherwise, you might confuse some guests.

2. Stick to the theme

It is highly desirable that the video is uniform from beginning to end. If a video starts with romantic scenes, photos of nature, or flowers, that's how it should end. It is necessary to take care that lighting and filters are compatible throughout the whole video.

3. Keep it short and snappy

The ideal length for a wedding invitation video is between 30 and 60 seconds. That’s more than enough to communicate the main points, but not enough to bore the recipients into quitting. Of course, couples that have a lot of great footage could use a bit longer invitation that remains interesting from start to finish.


The world is changing before our very eyes. Paper invitations are a thing of the past, and now you have a new way to inform people about your special day. Using one of the free wedding invitation video makers described above, you can create something that is equal part modern and romantic. You don’t need a big budget or professional equipment to do it – photos and video clips from your personal library can be great material for this purpose. With proper music and some effects, the invitation will convey just the feeling you want – and you can send it instantly to all esteemed guests through electronic channels.

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