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Wedding Video Effects: 7 Best Places to Get Them [Free & Paid]

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Weddings are unique events, and every bride and groom in the world has poured their hearts and souls into making sure every little detail is absolutely perfect. And, it goes without saying, the video that reflects the wedding has to be perfect as well.

Wedding videos used to be a homemade affair, with people asking a relative to record some key moments and piece them together – but a lot of things have changed as technology has improved. For example, some people may want to create video invitations for their weddings – which can now be sent instantly to all their guests, or to create small videos, that capture only the essence of the ceremony, to share on their social media accounts, and so on.

For video professionals, who create and edit wedding videos, as well as for amateurs who do it just once, for their own wedding, the Internet has a lot of resources available – to make sure that everything is just picture perfect.

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Part 1: Download Video Effects for Wedding Videos in Filmstock [Recommended]

 Filmstock Stock Media Library

Filmstock is an online one-stop shop for downloading royalty-free video effects, music and sound effects, stock video footage, and images and photos. Its wedding video effects will provide specially designed titles, elements, overlays, transitions, and filters for the wedding video. Besides providing visual effects, Filmstock also has royalty-free music and sound effects and stock video footage and images for your wedding video.

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After downloading the wedding video effects and music, you can apply them in Filmora video editor. Filmora is a video editor for all creators. You can check the introduction video below to find out some clues.

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Part 2: Best Website to Download Wedding Video Effects for Free

1. Free Video Footage

The very first place you should check out before you begin editing your wedding video is Free Video Footage, where you'll find an impressive selection of everything you need for your wedding video: backgrounds, fonts, intros and outros, motion elements, overlays, special effects, transitions, and so on. Best of all, this site is entirely free – you can use any of these elements without having to pay anything. It's the ideal destination for people who want to edit their own wedding videos, but also professionals, whose budgets, as we all know, are never lavish these days, and who can always benefit from a few freebies.


Part 3: 2 Places to Customize Wedding Video Effects

1. Video Hive

Video Hive is another good destination for wedding video effects, and you can sort their offering by price, but also by popularity, in case you want to know which effects have been considered the best by the community (or, to the contrary, if you want to make sure that you're downloading a unique piece that nobody else has used before). The prices are fairly reasonable, starting from around $7-$10, although, of course, the more attractive video effects cost a bit more.

video hive

2. Video Blocks

Another solid choice is Video Blocks, which offers an archive of over 100,000 quality videos, after effects templates, motion backgrounds, and so on. While they do not specialize in weddings, with so many things on offer you're sure to find something to suit your needs. This option is a bit pricier, Video Blocks being a company that typically caters to television stations – but, if you have the budget for it, you're guaranteed to find something that you'll love here.

video blocks

Part 4: Find the best Musical Background for Your Wedding Videos

The musical background is just as important for a great wedding video as the images and the after effects used. The selection available online is even greater than that of images – as a matter of fact, the biggest problem when it comes to music is finding the time to check out as many options as possible and make up your mind as to which will work best.

1. Twisted Tracks

Twisted Tracks is another good place you may want to check out for royalty-free music (royalty-free, of course, does not mean that the samples are free, just that you pay for them only once, and then you can re-use them as often as you'd like). Prices are reasonable, starting from around $2 and up to $40 for a complete set of tracks that have a common theme. This can be quite an interesting resource for professionals, who need to download sets they can reuse frequently, and who don't have the time to check hundreds of very similar recordings in order to find the perfect one.

Twisted Tracks

2. Killer Tracks

For those who are ready to make a bigger investment, but with the guarantee of always having the ideal, very high-quality tracks ready at hand, Killer Tracks is just what you're looking for. Make sure you go through the quite complex licensing agreements, as the terms are not the most straightforward – especially if you live outside the United States. The collection is however one of the most impressive – if not the most impressive – available online today, and you can browse it and listen to full-length tracks before you need to decide what you want to purchase.


3. Smart Sound

Last but not least, Smart Sound offers an interesting, customizable experience, where you can select the length of the piece, as well as the type of variation (for example, the same piece played by various instruments – for common, well-known tracks, the variety available is quite impressive). While it's not cheap, this may be the ideal solution for beginners who have a hard time obtaining a perfect fit of the musical background to the images.


As we said at the beginning, Filmstock provides both royalty-free background music and sound effects for wedding videos, wedding video effects, as well as some stock-free video footage and photos if you need them. So, just visit this one-stop shop for stock media at Filmstock .

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