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Best Wedding Video Editing Software for Beginners

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

It would be great to have something to look at to remind them of that beautiful wedding day when they made that special promise of forever to each other. While snapshots and photos from photographers and even family and friends who are in attendance are special enough, it would also be awesome if there's a video.

There are many factors that contribute to a great wedding video, like video ideas , footages you have, and a decent video editor as well as how you put videos footages on wedding days . And most importantly, you will need a video editor which can handle all these video footages and add your owns voice and music as well as text and titles in an easier way.

Whether you're a pro who's looking for a software that can make wedding video editing quicker and easier or a beginner who would like something that's user friendly yet can produce amazing wedding video output (close to the video below), Filmora could probably be the best wedding video editing software you would find.

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Why use Filmora to edit wedding videos?

Indeed, there are quite a lot of video editing software that are available for beginners such as Windows Movie Maker on your laptop or desktop computer or for Mac, iPhone, and iPad users, you may also check out iMovie. Though these are relatively easy to use, you would find that these software don't really give you a lot of options when it comes to special effects and all that would make your video look like a pro's work. The search continues for the best wedding video editing software.

Your search ends here as we recommend you the best wedding video editing software that we have come across online which is Wondershare Filmora. This awesome tool looks fairly simple and is quite very easy to use even for first-timers in video editing. More than that, you can create amazing videos that will surely top any other video you can make from other free software.

This best wedding video editor allows you to insert customized and animated text and titles from their wide collection of messages on their Titles library and add your own music and sounds or add great wedding background music from the royalty free audio library too, so that you can get all those "feels" with the video you are creating.

Filmora9 Sound Effects

As a wedding video editing software with effects, you can use Filmora to transform your raw video footage into something more fabulous with a wide range of options of filters, transitions, overlays, effects and elements. To make your video looks even more professional, exciting and interesting; you can also add elements such as still and motion graphics also from Filmora's library.

Filmora9 Elements

Check out the video below to get an instant overview of this amazing wedding video editing tool:

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

This wedding video editing software is free to try but you need to pay to remove the watermark.

You can use Filmora to edit wedding videos on both Windows (Windows 7 /Windows 8 / Windows 10) and Mac computers, you can start your wedding video editing on a Mac or PC version of Filmora and then continue working on them in either OS.

For the detailed information about How to edit wedding videos, you can check our tutorial about Wedding Video Editing here >>.

If you are looking for some more video editor software for wedding video editing, check our wedding video editing software list here >>.

With all the preparation and even funds that one has invested for a wedding, it is just right to have a great wedding video to relive that moment as many times as you like. Wedding videos are also great not only for the couple themselves who would like a recap of what went on during their special day but also for their future kids, grandkids and many more generations to come. Wouldn't it be amazing and even more special when you just don't look at photos but actually see a motion picture of yourselves on the day you made your hearts beat as one? You can create not just one but as many videos as you like with Filmora. Definitely the best wedding video editing software we've seen out there, you can also use this to edit other video footages of special occasions and events and even sweet nothings that you can transform into something more special.

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