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7 Best Short Video Maker to Easily Create Competitive Videos

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May 16, 2023• Proven solutions

When venture growth is your responsibility, you always find new ways to market your product or brand. Well! There has been a new trend with the growing digital age and that is creating short videos. Yes! You’ve heard right. As the video content has travelled a stupendous journey, moving on with this trend will surely be beneficial for you.

Did you know that 88% of the users are likely to spend more time on a website with video? And videos are optimized for SEO by 7 out of 10 marketing professional? So, why do stay behind? Take the help of a short video maker and start taking your business to sky heights.

On the other hand, have you realized why there is a need for a short video? If not, read the following points.

  • A well-known and undeniable fact is that a video is always liked by the viewers. If your video is short – between 30 seconds to 1 minute, it is more likely to be shared by people and as per Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm, sharing is essential.
  • Since the users spend more time on their phones for social browsing, a short video can grab attention and give them a quick and to-the-point idea of what you want to convey.
  • Thirdly, a short video is more adaptable than any other in terms of content and style. Unlike a long video, it focuses on one subject.

Now, that you know how a short video can be helpful for your business, we are going to introduce you some short video maker that will be of assistance in creating a short video.

Watch Video! Best Short Video Maker Online for Your Business[Easy&Fast]

Part 1: Best Short Video Maker With Music

1. Filmora Business

When you want to experience something beyond normal, Filmora Business is your companion then. It is one of the best and highly recommended short video makers. Unlike other tools, it only pays attention to let you create something new. With its stunning editing functionalities, you will be able to put your imagination into reality with ease. All in all, this tool shouldn’t be neglected when it comes to short video making for your business.


  • Drag and drop to add video clips, images, effects and more
  • More than 130 text templates to use
  • Apply your business logo to short videos in any size

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

2. PowerDirector

PowerDirector by Cyberlink provides you professional video editing experience. This short video maker offers color adjustment tools like intelligent color matching, one-click color correction etc. with the help of which you can adjust the mood and feel of your videos. It has various designs to let you customize your project with PIP design, themes, title designing, transitions and more.


  • Use vector shapes to make short videos interesting
  • Make 1:1 videos for social media video
  • 18 transition presets to use

short video maker PowerDirector

3. Movavi

Having smart filters, transitions and titles, Movavi gives your video a really cool look at the end. With this tool, you get the facility to share your output directly to YouTube. Also, you can do editing with tracks, unlink overlay tracks and even record your own voice. Picture in picture function is also available.


  • One time payment for one license to make short video
  • Movavi starts to make effects library now
  • Speed control for playback

short video maker Movavi

Part 2: Best Short Video Maker Online

4. Adobe Spark

Adobe is renowned company and no wonder its short video maker can create magic. This is an online short video maker that contains wide range of fonts, layouts, themes for every situation. In the end, you can either save the file as MP4 or share it directly to the favorable platform.


  • Powerful editing functions even it is an online video maker
  • Tons of creative works in Adobe community for your reference
  • Easy to access for Google account

short video maker Adobe Spark

5. Moovly

Moovly offers an intuitive interface and let you decide if you want to start on your own or work with the video templates. This short video maker doesn’t take any specific editing skills. It is a good choice if are in budget. Whether you want to create a promo video, explainer video or training video, Moovly works with no complications.


  • Different pricing plan for pros and business
  • Choose one template to start making short video
  • Share video to social media directly


6. Kizoa

Here is the next online short video maker. Kizoa is an easy to use tool that makes online video editing seriously and offers lots of exciting templates. With the help of this tool, one can add static and dynamic text. Either add GIF image or create a new one. Using this, you will be able to share your work to various social networks like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and wherever you want. You can also burn your file to the DVD or download it for your storing in your computer.


  • Make video with more than 100 effects
  • You can also burn video to DVD
  • Add various text preset to short videos

online short video maker Kizoa

7. Shakr

The last that we have is Shakr. You can decide from 2000 video designs. With this short video maker, you can simply drag and drop your video and start creating it in the browser. On this site, you can sign up for free and send your existing crafted video to the team. They will then make It Shakrready with its ONBRAND template and make it more creative.


  • They can help you make short video with high quality work
  • Shakr is good at making social media type video



Not surprisingly, growing a business demands a lot from you. And moving inch by inch smartly can do wonders. Having a great short video promoting your brand is a must these days. And from the above provided 8 vest short video makers, you can choose the suitable one and fulfill your needs. Probably you might not succeed if you’re a first timer. But practice always makes a man perfect. Hence, with more practice you will see yourself doing it the best. We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Please drop a comment below if we missed anything. Share your views as well. Thanks for reading!

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Ollie Mattison is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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