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Free Short Video Maker - 1 Click Create YouTube Shorts

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

Short videos have become popular today, especially among Gen Z! They like to record and share everything with videos that could capture the memory more vividly.

However, you need a useful yet convenient short video generator to create a new video or make short videos from long ones instantly. Read on this to find out how you can create YouTube Shorts 10x faster, or use different shorts templates to auto-generate shorts with your video clips. Find the AI Youtube Shorts Generator that you like!

Part 1: Size of Short Video

While making a short video, the first thing is to know the exact size and length limits of the short video on different social media platforms, here are the details:

Social Media Aspect Ratio Resolution Video Length
YouTube Shorts 9:16 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels 60 seconds
Instagram Reels 90 seconds
TikTok Videos 10 minutes

Short videos are popular on phone watching, cause people can easily take out their phone and view videos wherever they want. Besides, making a short video can be easy if you have a one-click generated tool. Read on to find out the best short video maker!

Part 2: Best Short Video Maker for All Platforms - 1-Click Generate Short Video

Wondershare Filmora

Filmora Short Video Maker helps to make video shorter in only one click. Furthermore, if you want to realize motion track objects in your video intelligently, Filmora can also do this! The AI motion tracking tech will analyze the object and track the path while turn your 16:9 or other wide screen video to 9:16 short video size!

Note: Currently the tracking mode while making auto frame can only work on Mac, we will update the Windows version in the future. Stay tuned!

Steps to Make Short Video in 1-Click:

Step 1: First of all, download Filmora YouTube Shorts Maker from the download button below and launch it. Find the 'Auto Reframe' function from the starting interface.

filmora auto reframe make short video

Step 2: Import the video that you want to make for a short video. Then choose the aspect ratio - 9:16, to fit YouTube shorts video size. If you want to crop the video to fit the Instagram post size, Filmora also offers a 1:1 ratio.

Customize the motion tracking option and aim the anchor point at the object you want to track, making sure the object is in the frame. Then click 'OK' to apply.

filmora short video maker

Step 3: Now you can take review of the short video and make further edits in Filmora.

Let's see what the result is after auto-reframing a long video to a short video.

You can easily get a full long video and a short video for recording your skating, skateboarding, jogging, running, surfing, etc… Make it happen and post on any video platform! If you are also looking for a short video maker App for free, try Filmora's mobile version!


Create YouTube shorts as well as Instagram Reels, TikTok videos are getting more trendy than before. To chase the pace of the influencer and Gen Z, it is high time for you to own an AI short video maker to swiftly turn a long video shorter.

Try Filmora short video maker to make a YouTube short, and start to gain more likes and followers!

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