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achievement program

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Achievement Program

Earn Creator Badges to Unlock Exciting achievement program

achievement program
Available on Filmora 12.5.5 and above
achievement program

What is the Filmora Achievement Program?


We want all Filmora users to enjoy their video editing journey and stay motivated to grow their skills. So we launched the multi-tiered Filmora Achievement program to challenge creators to explore the entirety of what Filmora can offer. Users can earn badges by completing tasks or experimenting with new features. Show them off to your friends or inspire your peers! Earn enough badges, and users can earn exciting rewards.

The Filmora Achievement Program is only available on Filmora 12.5.5 and above

How to Earn More Rewards

Tip 1: Sign in before you start!

Log in to your account center and click the "Achievement" section. Then you can check out all information about our Achievement Program.

Tip 2: Stay Curious!

Click each badge's "Learn More" button to view its task and rewards. Once unlocked, you can share your milestones on social media.

Tip 3: Collect your Rewards!

Click the "My Rewards" Section to check out all the rewards. You can redeem and review your rewards after unlocking the badges.

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Available on Filmora 12.5.5 and above version
After unlocking badges, you can share them on social media. Highlight your new editing
skills, brag to your friends and challenge other creators!