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plug-in Speech To Text

  • Supports direct transcription of bilingual subtitles.
  • Allows to transcribe video speech to text in one click.
  • Boosts editing efficiency by applying the STT feature.

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Save Your Time by Converting Video Voice to Text in One Click

Do you want to save your editing time by auto-generating subtitles in your video? Filmora’s Speech-to-Text (STT) function enables you to convert video speech to text in one click! With 27 languages supported, you can edit your subtitles with ease!

Boosting Editing Efficiency

When you use the Speech-to-Text (STT) feature, it will automatically recognize the voice in your video and transcribe it to text. What's more, the feature supports direct transcription of bilingual subtitles. Convert your video speech to text with STT in Filmora and boost your editing efficiency with just one click!

State-of-the-Art Accuracy

Based on improvements in algorithms, we can guarantee that your video speech recognition will be extremely accurate. Filmora’s STT enables your video speech to be correctly and swiftly converted to text. Try with the in-built feature of Filmora and enjoy your professionally created videos with fewer efforts!

SRT files Support for More Editing

Worried that your SRT files cannot be applied to your video materials? No need to panic! Filmora supports the import of external files, including SRT format. Filmora also intelligently offers Timeline functionality to quickly modify subtitles. Use Filmora’s STT feature to make your video content more inclusive and dynamic!

27 Languages Support

Filmora supports up to 27 languages of transcription. Whether you speak English, Japanese, French, or another language, Filmora can serve you well. Try Filmora’s STT to reach the exact audience base, absorb and engage your audience with your video content!

Supported Languages:

Arabic, Bengali, Chinese(Mandarin/Cantonese), Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English(US/UK/India), French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Marathi, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish(for 14 countries & regions), Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Turkish, Urdu(India/Pakistan)

Incredible Fit for Social Media Content Creators

It is suitable for all users, especially vloggers, teachers, podcasters, and film editors. If you have a lot of speech in your videos, use Filmora’s Speech to Text function to save time with fewer editing efforts.

icon noteSTT Feature Usage Note:

Currently the STT feature is included in the Filmora AI Credits System. In case of selecting translation, it consumes 5 Credits per minute.

Converting Voice to Subtitles in One Click

How To Use Speech-To-Text?

Transcribe Audio to Text on Android and iOS
Speech to Text Tutorial

What Our Customers Say About Us

Game Lover
This software is very easy to use. It helps capture the game screen while I was playing. You can highlight the exciting moments in games and share the video with others.
I usually need to record a video and edit it to make my vlog, Filmora really meet my needs. It record the screen and webcam to export a good video and then the powerful video editing tools and effects really dazzled me. Great program!
Karen K
Marketing Manager
A handy tool for recording marketing videos. I used this tool to record product demo and social media post videos, it improves my working efficiency a lot. Moreover, the program is easy to use and export videos in high quality.
Remote learning is now a part of my daily work and a screen recorder for PC really helped me out. Filmora’s screen recorder allows to record screen and face at the same time, which makes my lecture more clear.