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  • Filmora keyframing creates fantastic visual animations.
  • Scale subject of the clip with keyframing.
  • Customize opacity to make your shot precise and concise.
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Animate What You Want

Customize animations with Filmora keyframes: modify size, rotation, color, and opacity for enhanced engagement.

Batch-Edit Keyframe Speeds up Animation Production

Previously, adjusting a single frame could disrupt the entire animation. Now, select and modify multiple keyframes simultaneously without compromising the overall animation.

Create Engaging Videos with Animated Split-Screen Clips

Editing multiple video clips can be cumbersome as each requires unique adjustments. However, this feature simplifies the process. Add keyframe animations to a split screen, allowing simultaneous display and dynamic customization of multiple clips over time.

Enhance the Atmosphere of Your Videos

Use Filmora keyframing to adjust color tones over time, reflecting characters' emotions or enhancing scene atmosphere. Correct issues from lighting shifts or camera movements by tweaking 3D LUTs, white balance, temperature, and tint. Employ shape masks in color correction effects to track moving objects. Set keyframes at specific points to alter parameter values precisely.

Customize Text Animation in Seconds

Everyone knows that 3D fonts can help you display font animations in videos, but with keyframe you can achieve more customized font animations and let your creative world fly.
Add dazzling effects to the whole text & title group or each object with keyframes. Animate the text in seconds, and make the video captivating to attract more audience and make them stare at your remarkable video in no time!

Save Keyframes as Custom Presets

Keep your most frequently used effects and keyframes at your fingertips! Store keyframes for text and color to create presets. With keyframe presets, you can quickly apply the same visually appealing effects to multiple objects.

Create Your Favorite Keyframe Video in Any Scene.

influencer use Filmora keyframe

Valuable Posts Producing's Secret for Influencers

How many influencers in significant media are still worrying about the inspiration and efficiency of video production day and night? No need to worry anymore, as the Filmora keyframe will solve all your problems directly.
Using the keyframe function in Filmora, you can speed up video production and extract more creative inspiration using comprehensive tools.
animators use filmora keyframe

Productivity Booster for Animators

In the early development stages of animation design, every frame of the work had to be drawn by hand. However, animators can save hours, weeks, or months of work using digital keyframe animation to identify graphic elements and choose how those elements move or change over time.
You can do it quickly by following these steps - create a keyword in your digital animation sequence that will define the start and end of that action.
marketers use filmora keyframe

Inspiration's Triggered Journeys for Marketers

Marketers have been working on exploring how keyframes unleash incredible power to create stunning visual effects limited only by your creativity and imagination.
You can try to keyframe the parameters of most effects in Filmora. Thanks to this feature, your marketing ads videos' creating progress will be significantly faster.
smb owners use filmora keyframe

Reliable Video Creation Tool for SMB Owners

The real challenge for SMBs is finding ways to create the types of localized online marketing videos their potential customers are likely to watch.
A new way to grab the attention of potential customers can start with a quick video promotion. Keyframes can help make your videos more eye-catching than static banner ads.

What Our Customers Say

Martin James
I have been a filmmaker for quite a while and recently decided to upgrade my video editing software to Filmora. As a vlogger, The ability to remove backgrounds with just a few clicks is one of my favorite features. It shortens the time for me to remove them manually, and make my videos more appealing.
I am impressed with the power of Filmora to help teachers create high-quality and engaging materials. The video background removal feature is fantastic, allowing me to remove any distracting elements and keep my students focused.
Video Creator
Its video background removal tool has allowed me to get rid of all the messy backgrounds in my videos and create a clean, professional-looking scene. I can also easily add various effects and transitions to my videos that really look like it's edited by a professional editor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Filmora Keyframe Free?
Yes, definitely. You can use Filmora keyframe in wide-ranging, including split screens, color grading, text editing, special effects, etc. It can also be saved as a preset custom, which you can quickly apply to multiple objects.