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Filmora 12 Keyframing enables you to explore more possibilities in motion design. Create fantastic visual animations for any object in your video.
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Animate What You Want

Animate video clips as you want, including enlarge, narrow, rotate, change in color and opacity, etc. Filmora keyframe allows you to create custom animations for single or multiple objects in batch to elevate visual engagement.

Batch-Edit Keyframes

Select multiple keyframes and modify them at once. You can adjust the animation after setting a few keyframes without destroying the whole animation.

Animate Split-Screen Clips

Add keyframe animations within a split screen. While showing multiple clips at once, you can bring dynamism to different video clips with keyframes and customize how they change over time.

Change Color in Timeline

Create changes to color grading. Keyframes allow you to adjust the color tone over time to embody characters' emotional changes or emphasize the atmosphere of a scenario.

Customize Text Animation

Add dazzling effects to the whole text & title group or each object therein with keyframes. Animate the text in seconds, and make the video captivating to attract more audience and make them stare at your remarkable video in no time!

Save Keyframes as Custom Preset

Store keyframes for text and color to create presets. With keyframe presets, you can quickly apply the same visually appealing effects to multiple objects.

What You Can Do with Keyframing?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the keyframe function of Filmora Version 12 and previous versions?
Filmora 12 supports all-attribute keyframes, allowing you to animate special effects, text, pictures, toning, mask, audio, etc. You can achieve better animation performance using the latest version of Filmora.