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Filmora keyframing can bring dynamism and energy to your videos with smooth animated effects.
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Animate What You Want

Animated video clips as you want, like enlarge, narrow or rotate, etc., Filmora keyframe allows you to create custom animations to elevate visual engagement.

Set and Move

Just set the start keyframe and the end keyframe. Filmora will automatically add the middle frames to make the whole video animated smoothly. For example, you can use it to fade in or fade out effect.

Adjust More Parameters

Filmora offers you more customized settings for the keyframes. To make your video elements more interesting, you can set the location, size, or transparency in each keyframe view.

Over 80 Preset Animation Templates

You can also use the preset animation template to save time, apart from doing the customized animation with the keyframe. Filmora offers your 80+ animation templates to make your video animated in one click.

What You Can Do with Keyframing?

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