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10 Best Free Animation Software for Windows and Mac

Aug 08,2019• Proven solutions

In your search for quality animation software, you may have found that many of the programs cost a lot of money. It is not ideal if you need to pay so much for animation software. You can choose free animation software to start the journey. That is why we created a list of the best free animation software on both Mac and Windows. These free to use animation programs are excellent to use, even compared with some paid software.

Whether you are a professional editor or just a beginner, these animation software are easy to use and won't cost money to improve animation skills. You will find these free animation programs are very useful for content creation on Mac and Windows. We also list the pros and cons of each animation software. Keep reading!

Best Animation Software on Mac and Windows - FilmoraPro

Looking for some simple while powerful video editing tools? We recommend using Wondershare FilmoraPro. You can use it to create 2D/3D animation texts, shapes or anything you like. The keyframing features will help you make animation effects smooth and precise. When exporting, you can also make the animation transparent. Besides, various title templates and transitions are also available for you. Download it now to have a try!

Simple steps to make animation easily

  • Create various shapes that you like to make animation
  • Add keyframing to make it move
  • Fine-tuning to make it smooth
  • Add visual effects/text/color before export it

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Part1: Best Free Animation Software for Mac

1. Synfig Studio - free animation software to animated video

Pro: You can create many layers once a time and sync audio for your animation.

Con: This software needs much time to learn, especially for beginners.

An open-source 2D animation software that works on Macs, Synfig Studio delivers multiple players while you are creating content. Whether you want to add geometric, filters, distortions or transformations, it is all possible! And thanks to the high-end bone system, you can create cut out animations using bitmap images!


  • It offers support for many layers within the animation.
  • The program’s bone system means that you can easily create animations with bitmap images or vector artwork.
  • It allows you to sync your created animation with any sound that you want. Has a full-featured audio editor.

2. Pencil2D Animation - free animation program for 2D pencil lover

Pro: Easy to start and make animation as the interface is user-friendly for many people.

Con: You need to set your preference every time to open it up, so it takes up some time

Pencil2D Animation is one of the simplest 2D hand-drawn animation programs available. It will work flawlessly on Mac computers. It is ideal for beginners, as the commands and interface are very easy to understand. Whether you want to create a simple animation, or you want something with many layers, you can use Pencil2D animation to get it done.


  • Lightweight and minimalistic design that makes it very easy for beginners to get into animation.
  • Features raster and vector workflows, with easy switching between them. You can paint and sketch as you want!
  • Will run on all platforms - Mac, Windows and Linux.
  • Completely free and open source.


3. Tupi - free animation software for mac users

Pro: It supports vector illustrations. Besides, various formats are available.

Con: If you want to make 3D animation, it will fail. You can only make 2D free animation.

A free software application, Tupi will allow you to create 2D animations to your heart’s content. The tool was started by animators who wanted to create something free that others could use. It is an open-source software, which means that users can make their tweaks to the program if they have some interesting ideas. The program works on both Windows and Mac


  • Support for vector illustrations. You can add rectangles, lines, polygons, and other shapes as you please. To fill areas, just use the paint bucket.
  • You can import raster images using this program.
  • You can export all your finished images into different file formats.
  • Support for tweeting positions, scale, shear and rotations.


4. Blender - need some time to learn this free animation tool

Pro: Really powerful software that you can make 3D animation for professional users.

Con: It is not easy to make image animation as it focuses on 3D animation.

Blender is an open-source 3D animation creation suite. If you find that 2D is a little bit limiting, we think that you will be very happy with what this free program offers. You can take your animation projects to a whole new level when you can use this program on your Mac.


  • Creating renders is no problem with this program.
  • Modeling, such as sculpting, retopology and creating curves is not an issue either.
  • VFX and animation features are better than any free option on the market.
  • It offers powerful simulation tools.
  • Integration with pipeline tools is easy.


Part2: Best Free Animation Software for Windows

5. DAZ Studio - free animation software for 3D lovers

Pro: You can make game animation for fun. It also supports GPU accelerated real-time rendering.

Con: It has high demand for the device, but owns a steep learning curve.

Daz 3d is a powerful and completely free 3D creation software tool that will let you create the short animations and videos that you want. Whether you are using this for business or pleasure, you will find the program is very easy to understand. Within a day, you will be completely used to its interface.


  • Options for 3D morphing, animation, and rendering.
  • GPU accelerated real-time rendering, which delivers the best results.
  • Interactive tutorials to help you become a better 3D artist.
  • Everything you make is yours, royalty-free!

DAZ animation software

6. Terragen - use it to make CG animation

Pro: The recently updated version is the best one. Ray-traced preview is a great function to help us making animation.

Con: The interface looks complicated, but it gets easy to know after you are familiar with it.

A completely free program that you can download and install on all Windows computers and tablets, Terragen is the ideal program for you to create the 3D animations and environments that you want. If you want a photo-realistic CG environment, using Terragen is the best way to do it for free!


  • Ray-traced preview
  • Photo-realistic clouds and ozone simulation
  • Rendering is twice as fast as the previous version of the program.
  • Adding terrain, objects, animation, and shader to your final product is very easy with the intuitive interface.


7. Anim8or - free animation software to make 3D modeling

Pro: Anim8or supports 3D modeler and TrueType fonts to meet advanced needs.

Con: Beginners will find it difficult to learn.

Anim8or is a free 3D modeling and animation program that will let you create the unique animations that you want. It is a personal project from an animator, but the program does get regular updates and troubleshooting. It is not going to give you the same features as something like Studio Max or Maya, but you will get the basics. Beginners who are getting into animations will love this program.


  • A full 3D modeler that allows you to create spheres, cylinders, platonic solids and any other objects that you want.
  • Features support for TrueType fonts.
  • Easy to create 3D scenes and output them as video files or images.


8. Seamless3d - open-source free animation software

Pro: It is an open-source 3D modeling software. The good thing is the handy infinite Undo/Redo operation.

Con: The editing is time-consuming for beginners.

Seamless3d, an open-source 3D modeling software that you can download for free, is among the best free animation software if you want to create specialized images, animated videos or 3D characters.


  • It comes with infinite undo and redo options for complete flexibility to correct mistakes.
  • It allows for partitioned and seamless texture mapping.
  • Has a specialized tree view interface.


9. OpenToonz - support plug in to make animation freely

Pro: It is an open source free animation software, so you can change the code freely.

Con: The plug-in effects are limited.

This animation program is made for beginners on Windows. It is among the best 2D animation software in the market. You can use plug-in effects to change image style, add lights and distort details. It supports Windows 7/8/10 only for 64bit.


  • You can add provisional colors to make your animation more colorful.
  • Smooth animation correction without frame losing.
  • Compatible with black-and-white, colored, or without binarization scanning.

OpenToonz animation program

10. Stykz - Simple to use free animation program for beginners

Pro: It is the best free stick figure animation if you want to make this kind of animation.

Con: The UI is not modern to use and needs time to adapt to using it.

Stykz is completely free to use animation software. If you have used Pivot StickFigure Animator, then you will find Stykz is similar to it, but you can import the previous .stk files to animate it again. It is a frame-based animation program. You can use it to make animation smooth frame by frame.


  • There is some animes file on this website, so you can have a reference.
  • Edit animation in the software without using another editing window.
  • You can share the final work with others including information.



With any of these free animation maker programs, you will have an easy time creating your next 2D or 3D animation. Ensure you choose the program that has the features and compatibility that you desire. Then it is up to your creative mind to come up with stunning animations! If you want to make animation easily, download FilmoraPro to have a try.

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