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Get Started with Filmora

Learn how to get started using Filmora, an easy-to-use and trendy video editing software that lets you empower your story and be amazed at results, regardless of your skill level.

Filmora gives you a helping hand to get started with any new movie project by importing and editing your video, adding special effects and transitions, and sharing your final production on our user gallery, social media, mobile devices, or DVDs.

Before you get started with our guide, you can first watch this comprehensive video tutorial we made recently for beginners:

🔥Get Start With the Top Creators- Filmora Editing Skills For beginners🔥

Video by Filmora X Kevin Stravert

This is the latest user guide for Filmora (for Win).

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1. Before You Begin

Collect your footage and other media files. Save your files on your computer. Filmora supports various file formats. Check our list of supported file formats to understand if your files can be imported into Filmora.

Check the system requirements: Check out the system requirements of Filmora and ensure your Win meets these requirements for the best user experience.

Before you begin, watch this short video!

Download the latest version of Filmora to explore the latest features:

Free Download
For Win 7 or later(64-bit)
Free Download
For macOS 10.14 or later

2. Get Started Editing

❶ Create a New Project or Open an Existing Project

  • Open Filmora after your footage is ready on your PC.
  • To create a new project, click New Project in the main window or File > New Project in the menu bar.

  • To open an existing project, click Open Project in the main window or File > Open Project and File > Open Recent in the menu bar.

Create a New Project or Open an Existing Project
Create a New Project or Open an Existing Project

❷ Import Video, Audio, and Images

To import media files, you can

  • Click on the “+" icon to browse the local file on your Win and add files.

  • Drag and drop the media file to the Media Library area.

  • Import media files from an external device.

  • Import with Instant Cutter tool.
Import Video, Audio, and Images
Import Video, Audio, and Images

❸ Edit and Arrange Elements in the Timeline

Here are two ways to add media to the timeline:

  • Find the video clip you want in the Media Library. Then, drag and drop it into your timeline.
  • Right-click the video clip in the Media Library, and you will get Insert, Overwrite, Append, Add to New Track, and other more specific editing options.
Edit and Arrange Elements in the Timeline
Edit and Arrange Elements in the Timeline

❹ Add Effects, Filters, Titles, Masks and Music

To get started with titles, you can select an existing title template from Filmora. Type in a title, and then adjust its appearance.

For more information on titles, see below:

Add Effects, Filters, Titles, and Music
Add Effects, Filters, Titles, and Music

❺ Export Video and Share

  • You can choose to export your video to a file and save it on a PC or export it to the device you want to play your video on.
  • You can upload your video to YouTube directly in Export settings.
  • You can burn your video from a DVD. Choose the DVD tab and enter the required settings, such as the aspect ratio and disc type.

Export Video and Share
Export Video and Share

❻ Remove Video Watermark

One of the differences between the free trial of Filmora and the paid version is that videos exported from the free version will have a Filmora watermark.

There are three individual paid plans to choose from: a perpetual plan, a cross-platform plan and an annual subscription. Visit this page to purchase Filmora.

Remove Video Watermark
Remove Video Watermark

3. App for Mobile Users

In addition to desktop software, we also provide Wondershare Filmora for different devices. You can try Filmora for smartphone and pad.

Try Filmora for Smartphone

Try Filmora for Tablet

Filmora is now compatible with both Android and iOS systems. The cross-platform plan allows you to use Filmora on multiple devices with the same account by one individual. From video recording to editing and sharing, Filmora is with you all the way, improving every step of your creative journey.

Get creative with Filmora's free trial right now!