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Masking is a process where a transparent shape layer is drawn/created over the main clip. When masking is done, any portion of the video that is covered with the mask is visible and everything else remains hidden.

Masks are mostly used to prevent the viewers from any distraction and draw their attention to a particular action or person.

Go to the Masks tab

Click the video clip in the timeline to enter the Video panel. Switch from Basic to Mask tab, and you will find some basic mask shapes, such as rectangle, circle, double line, single line, love and star. You can also draw a mask shape as you like.

Apply a Mask

You can apply an existing video mask or load your own video mask by clicking Import. Click one of the shapes from the Masks, you will see only the area covered with the mask shape is visible and everything else gets hidden in the Preview window.

add mask to video
Add Mask to Video

Draw a mask

Using the Draw Mask feature, you can create complex masks in any shape by dragging control points and modifying B-Splines. You can zoom in and out on the player screen and draw the mask shape precisely. You can easily create smooth curves by holding the Alt/Option to adjust the Bessel curve for drawn masks. Also, you can save the draw mask as preset to apply it with one click.

add mask to video
draw mask for videos

Adjust the Mask

Use the mask handles in the Preview window to resize, reposition or change the orientation of the mask. You can also adjust the sliders in the Mask tab to edit the mask. You can rotate, adjust scale, position, blur strength, width, heights and radius. You can even invert the mask, i.e., the original visible part turns into invisible, and the hidden part get visible.

adjust video mask
Adjust and Edit Mask

Add Keyframe to Mask

Move the play head to the position where you want to add a keyframe, and then click Add button to add the first keyframe. Move the mask to a different position, rotate or resize it, or adjust the blur strength to add the second keyframe to get animation effects.

add keyframe to mask
Add Keyframes to Mask
You can click the SAVE AS CUSTOM button to save the customized mask for future uses, and click RESET to revert the changes to their default.

Preview the Video and Save

Click the Play in the Preview window or press the Spacebar to see how the masked video appears. Finally, click Crtl+S to save your project.