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AI Audio Stretch for Windows

This guide helps you simply set the length of the audio, and there’s no need to cut, ripple, or add fades.

AI Audio Stretch is a useful tool to remix music automatically. It allows you to retime the audio clip easily to match the duration of the video. The beginning and end of the material remain the same in the remix, and the middle will be edited.

Usage Scenarios

Here are two examples to stimulate your creativity in using this tool:

  •  A vlog with multiple scenes and different music clips. Music is always a solution to link clips, showing the feeling of each scene you want to present. However, the length of each clip may not be satisfied.
  •  A vlog with the same music, but the music time doesn’t match the video time. You might be frustrated over the complexity of rearranging the beats of music. AI Audio Stretch gives you an answer to stretch the audio instantly and lengthens it to the time matching the video.

Apply AI Audio Stretch on Windows

You can follow the steps below to change the duration of the audio efficiently.

Step 1: Open the stretch function

After launching the Filmora application and adding audio, you can click the stretch icon on the toolbar.

Open Filmora AI Audio Stretch
Step 2: Set the time of the audio clip

Select the audio clip you want to modify first. Then, drag the music clip in the Timeline forward or backward to the point you want to start or stop it.

adjust the audio time

Re-edit This Feature

You can follow the steps below to reset the length of the audio.

Step 1: Re-edit the length if you need

If you want to delete the effect, you can right-click the clip and choose Delete Audio Stretch to remove the stretch effect. Alternatively, click one more time the stretch icon to set the duration again.

remove ai audio stretch in filmora

1Time limit: Filmora AI Audio Stretch only supports audio clips from 10s up to 10h.

2The use of audio stretch will automatically remove the reverse effect used before for your clip.