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Creating Split Screen Video for Windows

Reimagine your stories by using multiple screens with Filmora Split Screen video tool. You can level up your editing with different angled shots, side-by-side comparisons, or capturing gameplay in high quality by reading this guide below.

Choose Split Screen Preset

Transforming multiple videos into a piece of art using split screens is now easy with Filmora 12. The simple drag & drop interface and powerful editing tools make it possible to multiply your fun for a unique blend to your stories. To start splicing your clips with split screens, follow the steps below.

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Step 1: Launch a new project

Launch Filmora and create a New Project and import your videos.

Step 2: Choose the right preset for your split screen

Click Templates > Split Screen to enter your layout library. Choose from 86+ split-screen preset templates and up to 6 clips for simultaneous playback.

use split screen filmora 12
use split screen filmora 12
Step 3: Preview Layouts

To preview the layouts, double-click the preset thumbnails. Then drag your chosen layout to your timeline panel to select it.

The default duration of the split screen is 5 seconds. It can be extended or shortened by dragging the edges forward or backward on the timeline. You could scroll up and down on the thumbnail view area with your mouse wheel, for example, from “Basic” to “Social Media”, you only need to scroll horizontally.
scroll up and down
scroll up and down

Import Clips to a Split Screen Layout

The latest version is made even better, with more presets and layouts to choose from. Here’s how to import clips to a Split Screen layout.

Step 1: Import your Clips on Split Screen

Launch Filmora and create a New Project. Click Import to add media files to your library.

Step 2: Place your Clips on different Split Screen Windows

Drag the imported videos one by one to the split screen preview window.

import clips to split screen
import clips to split screen

Edit Split Screen Video

Editing your split screen videos allows you to make photo and video collages, intro and outros, reaction videos, and comparisons with a few clicks. Here’s how to edit your split-screen videos for a unique way to tell your stories.

Method 1: Add Borders

Under the Video tab on your Property Panel, enable Border to customize the color and size of the borders between the clips in split screen.

adjust border between clips
adjust border between clips
Method 2: Change Size and Position

Under the Video Tab, enable Transform to give you options to Rotate, Scale, as well as change the size of the split-screen videos.

Color Correction for Split Screen

The Color Correction feature for split screen works the same as when editing non-split screen videos. Simply click on Color > Color Enhancement on your Property Panel to adjust everything from:

White Balance: Balance the color temperature in your video.

Color: Choose the right tone depending on the scene

Light: Calculate the correction of the colors on your video.

Vignette: Darken the edges of the frame on your video.

Color Match: Create a consistent look across your video.

color correction split screen
color correction split screen

Animating Your Split Screen

Your videos can be customized by using different split-screen effects whenever possible. Simply switch to the Animation tab and choose from animation or motion presets by twice clicking the effect you want. The results will be displayed in the Preview Panel; then, you can save the new animation effects on your video.

animate your split screen
animate your split screen

Or you can simply highlight the Diamond icon to set keyframes located beside the properties or parameters and then adjust the values as you prefer. The Changes will be applied to all the clips in the split-screen video.

You can animate any single clip in the split-screen video. Just go to the Advance Edit panel.

Adjusting Single Clip in Split Screen Preset

You’ll discover other interesting and creative methods when editing your videos. The points below are the ways you can try when adjusting your single video in a split-screen preset.

  • Zoom in and Zoom out: Select one clip in the split screen preview. Next, simply drag the slider to zoom in and zoom out.
  • Mute Audio: To remove sound on one clip, tap the Mute icon in the split screen preview window.
  • Remove the clip from split screen video: If you want to remove a single video on the split screen manually, choose the clip in the split screen preview and tap the Remove icon.
adjust single video split screen preset
adjust single video split screen preset

Advanced Split Screen Edit: Click Edit > Advanced Split Screen window. This interface allows you to rotate any of the clips, change the position or scale, do color correction, and even apply motion effects.

adjust single video split screen preset
adjust single video split screen preset