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Split Screen

Split screen is commonly used to depict a scene from multiple angles or to show characters placed in different locations having a conversation, the following are the steps to use Filmroa to create split screen video on Mac

Choose split screen effects

1 Click on the Split Screen tab and start browsing through the collection of Split Screen layouts. You can choose from more than thirty layouts that enable you to have as many as six different videos playing simultaneously within the screen.

2 Choose one of the effects and drag it to the timeline, you’ll see an interface like below:

split screen effect mac
split screen effect mac
drga split screen to timeline
drag split scren effect to timeline

Add video clips to a split screen layout

Click on a video you’d like to add to it in the Media tab. Repositioning the clip requires you to just drag from its default location and drop it to a new location in the preview window.

Edit a split screen video

Click on the Video tab that is located next to the Media tab to start editing the split screen you created. You can now change the border and size to your desired ones of the split screen video.

edit a split screen video
edit a split screen video

Scroll down the options and you’ll see the Transform, Stabilization, and Chorma Key options.

edit options split screen
edit options split screen
  • Transform allows you to rotate, flip, scale the videos, and change the position;
  • Stabilization makes it possible to adjust the smooth level and edge processing;
  • Chroma Key contains color, offset, tolerance, edge thickness, edge feather and alpha channel.

You can also find the “Lens Correction”, “Drop Shadow” and “Auto Enhance” options from this panel.

len correction settings
Lens correction shadow and auto enhance