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AI Skin Tone Protection for Mac

Cameras can sometimes capture skin flaws we want to hide, and the new updates in Filmora can assist you. It has introduced a feature for protecting skin tone with the help of AI throughout the video. Before using this feature, it is important to know about it, and here is your guide to that:

Activate AI Skin Tone Protection in Mac

If you want to achieve the perfect skin tone in your videos, here are some steps to do it with Wondershare Filmora:

Step 1: Download Filmora and Start a New Project

First, begin by launching Wondershare Filmora on your Mac. Once installed, log in or sign up and direct your cursor towards the left side panel to select "Create Project". From the main screen, choose the "New Project" tab amongst the multiple others.

set new project in filmora
Set new project in filmora
Step 2: Import Files and Drop them to Timeline

At the main interface of Filmora, navigate towards the custom toolbar and select the "Media" tab. Then, under the "Project Media" category, choose or expand the "Import" button to add files to Filmora's Media Library. Then, simply drag and drop the file on one of the tracks in the timeline.

add media files to timeline
Add media files to timeline
Step 3: Access the AI Skin Tone Option

First, locate the clip in the timeline and select it. Hover your mouse over the panel, and under the "Color" tab, select "Basic". Within the "LUT" section, you will find the "Protect Skin Tones" slider. Adjust the skin tone level by moving the slider or entering a value in the given box. This feature is designed to perfect a diverse range of skin colors to facilitate users.

set ai skin tone protection
Set ai skin tone protection
Step 4: Export the Edited Video

Once you are through with editing, click on the "Render Preview" icon in the timeline toolbar to preview the final results. If you are satisfied with the final outlook, navigate to the top right corner and click "Export". In the export window, name your video and make other necessary adjustments. Finally, click "Export" to save the edited file onto your device.

export final video clip
Export final video clip