How to Add Voiceover to Videos

By Mar 08,2017 17:03 pm

Have you ever wanna add voiceover o video gameplay, make a voice over demo for uploading and sharing on social network sites or create a documentary for some important stuff? You can do this as long as you have nice video editing software like Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor). The voiceover function in this video editing software allows you to add custom voice to your videos. It’s a great way to add a special personal touch to your vacation videos, birthday party slideshow, wedding montages and more. Come first to experience it.

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1 Import the video

After installing the program on your computer, either click "Import" or drag and drop your video to this program. This software supports a vast range of formats, so you have to convert the files before importing. When all the files are imported, drag and drop them to the Video Timeline.

add voiceover

2 Record and add voiceover

Click “Record a Voiceover button on the toolbar above the Timeline to arouse the Record Audio windows. Plug into your computer’s microphone and you’re ready to get started. When you’re ready to record, simply click the red record button and you will have 3 seconds of countdown to start speaking. When finished, click the red button again. Then you will see a new Record Timeline appear. Drag and drop the sound track to the right position to fit your video.

Tip: To start a new record on the Timeline, you don't need to close the dialog, just move the Time Indicator to another position and record a new voiceover

After that, click the Record Timeline and a new window will pop up for you to change the Speed, Volume, Pitch, ect of the voiceover

add voiceover to video

3 Export and save the new file

Check your video in the right previewing window. If you're satisfied, click "Create" to export your new video file. You can either save the video to various formats or directly share it on YouTube. Moreover, you can even burn a DVD disk in minutes to watch it on TV.

how to voice over a video

You see, with Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor) it’s that easy to add a custom voiceover to video. Now master this feature and open a world of new possibilities for your video making!

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For more information check the video tutorial below

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