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How to Record Your Computer Screen

There are a lot of reasons you might like to use screen recordings in your YouTube videos. You might want to create software tutorials, or walk people through your creative processes in Photoshop or another artsy program. You might even want to show your subscribers how you edit your vlog posts. Whatever the case, it is useful to know how to record your computer screen. Then people can actually watch you work.

There are a lot of programs available for recording your computer screen. Here are a few of the best:

How to Record Your Computer Screen

Part 1.Video Recording Programs

1. Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor is video editing software that has a screen recording feature. Once you have recorded your screen with Filmora your clip will automatically appear in your Filmora project for editing. You can quickly drag and drop music, titles, or other features into your project as well.

2. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player by Video LAN is a free cross-platform media player. It can be used to decode and play almost any media file, and it can also be used as a screen recorder. VLC is free to download at VideoLAN.org.

To record using VLC open it up and click 'View', then 'Advanced Controls'. The program's interface will change a bit – more options will appear. Go to 'Media' and then 'Open Capture Device'. A window will open. Next to where it says 'Capture Mode' select 'Desktop'. Once that is done click 'Play' to make VLC display your desktop. Then click 'Record' to capture it as a video.

3. Camstudio

Camstudio is open-source software that is specifically for screen recording. Using CamStudio you can add captions to your recordings, which is useful for adding extra notes into your tutorials. You can also record yourself simultaneously on your webcam, which is great if you want some reaction shots. CamStudio is free to download from Camstudio.org.

To record using CamStudio open the program and then go to the 'region' menu. You can choose whether to select a 'region' of your screen to record, to set the dimensions of a 'fixed region', or to record your full screen. One big difference between CamStudio and the other programs on this list is that it will require you to choose the format of your final video before you start recording. You have two format options: AVI and SWF. After you have chosen your video format you can click the record button.

4. QuickTime

QuickTime is a media player that comes included for free on all Mac computers. QuickTime can also be used as a screen recorder.

To record the screen of your Mac open up QuickTime and select 'File', then 'New Screen Recording'. A recording window will pop up with a red 'record' button. Before you start recording click on the arrow to the right of the 'record' button and select your microphone. After you press record a window will pop up explaining how to stop your recording (command -control -escape).

Part 2.How to Record your Computer Screen in Filmora

Open up Filmora and select 'Media', then click 'Record'. Three options will pop up; 'Record from Webcam', 'Record PC Screen', and 'Record Device'. Choose 'Record PC Screen'.

A window will pop up where you can make decisions regarding your screen recording. There are three main recording options.

The first is 'Full Screen', which records your entire computer screen. There is also 'Custom', which lets you crop out a selection of your screen to record. With 'Target Window' you highlight a specific window for recording. 'Target Window' is a great option if you only want to record what you are doing in one program or on a site without capturing your entire desktop.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

In this screen you also make audio decisions. If you want to record a voiceover for your video then you can choose your microphone. If you want to include sound effects from your computer, or mute them, you can also make that decision in this window by toggling system audio on or off.

Jun 01,2018 11:00 am
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